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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, March 3, 2017

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Part One

Ireland infant remains
An Irish historian urged the government to dig up the grounds of a former home for unmarried mothers, believing hundreds of infants were buried there — and today, the government confirmed her fears. 

Border taxis
American cabbies say they've been told they are required to alert the Border Patrol when they think a passenger might cross illegally into Canada — but the ACLU says that's unfair to their fares. 

Edgewater, NJ Canada geese
The mayor of Edgewater, New Jersey, tells us why his town is going to stop killing problem Canada geese — and instead try non-lethal methods of getting them to make like a V and leave. 

Part Two

JCC charges
Police charge a disgraced former journalist with making a number of anti-Semitic threats across the U.S. — and our guest believes the same guy has been harassing him for months. 

Moncton revenge porn 
All week, awful emails containing explicit pictures and videos of a University of Moncton student have been sent around the whole campus — and the school can't find a way to block them. 

Part Three

BMJ cancer study
New research published in The British Medical Journal concludes there is a significant link between obesity and certain major types of cancer.

Sunny Hale obit 
Sunset "Sunny" Hale broke gender boundries in the world of polo, becoming the first woman selected to play with men. One of Ms. Hale's female proteges tells us about her mentor's rise to the top ranks of a male-dominated sport. 

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