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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, February 17, 2017

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Part One

ICE domestic abuse
A Texas lawyer says women are at risk after a client from Mexico asked an El Paso court for help with an abusive partner only to be picked up herself by Immigration officials.

Utah outdoor show
The Canadian outfitter Arc'teryx says the fight has only begun after it leads a big outdoor trade show to leave Utah for a state that's keener to protect its nature preserves. 

Aboriginal fake art 
Indigenous artists push for the passage of a bill that would make it illegal for non-Aboriginals to sell their cut-rate fakes as art or souvenirs. 

Part Two

Minnesota border
A Minnesota man says that  more asylum seekers have been asking him for advice on how to stay safe while making  the long cold walk into Canada. 

Mi'kmaq pardon
Nearly nine decades after he was convicted of hunting illegally, Nova Scotia pardons a Mi'kmaq chief and asks his descendants to accept an official apology. 

Part Three

Samra Zafar feature interview
She came to Canada as a 16 year-old child bride. Now, after leaving an abusive marriage and getting a university degree, Samra Zafar has started a group to help other women rebuild their lives after leaving their own violent relationships.

Basil Kirchin conference
Stereolab guitarist Sean O'Hagan says he's far from the only big name musician who'll be attending this weekend's Basil Kirchin conference — to pay homage to the man who imagined so much of the music they love before anyone else had found a way to make it. 

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