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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, December 16, 2016

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Part One

Aleppo teacher
An activist and teacher in eastern Aleppo describes the desperation as evacuation buses that were supposed to take his family to safety simply fail to show up. 

BC housing critic
BC's government offers first-time home buyers no-interest loans, but the opposition NDP says the governing Liberals are trying to buy the next election by tempting British Columbians further into debt. 

Sex shop robbery
A California sex toy vendor sends a would-be thief scurrying by hitting him in the face with, well, whatever was handy.

Part Two

Venezuela: latest
Venezuelans veer from desperation to despair after the government announces that, to curb out-of-control inflation, it's voiding much of the money they have left.

Sleep talker
When Adam Rosenberg's friends told him that he talks in his sleep, the Colorado man was first skeptical. Then, he recorded his nighttime utterings and put them online. 

Part Three

Zombie drug study
A group of researchers have figured out which drug caused dozens of individuals to act like zombies in Brooklyn earlier this year. 

Crimean artifacts
A Dutch court rules that ancient Crimean artifacts on loan to an Amsterdam museum are to be returned to Kiev, Ukraine — not Crimea.

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