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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, December 9, 2016

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Part One

Aleppo resident
A teacher in Aleppo is living under constant bomb and artillery attacks — but he tells us it's still safer than to leave the city, and put himself in the hands of the Syrian regime. 

Russia doping
How the state helped Russian athletes cheat on urine tests — according to a new report on the scope of the state-sponsored doping program. 

Frozen embryos lawsuit
In what sounds like the set-up for a hilarious time-travel comedy — but isn't — actress Sofia Vergara is being sued by her own frozen embryos. 

Part Two

Carbon climate proposal
As the premiers meet the PM, almost all the provinces are on board with a carbon tax — but there's a cold wind blowing in from the West.

Russia sanctions
An NDP MP  thinks it's great that the government is expanding sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine — but she'd like them expanded further, to include two of President Putin's pals. 

Part Three

Irwin Cotler on Syria ceasefire
The Syrian army continued its offensive in Aleppo today — spurning the latest round of diplomatic pressure on both President Assad and his Russian backers. On Wednesday, Canada and 5 western powers issued a joint statement demanding an immediate ceasefire. But Irwin Cotler thinks they should be delivering much more than words. 

Nigerian bobsledder
Their home country may not have snow — well, it doesn't have snow, ever — but that won't stop the women's bobsled team hoping to be Nigeria's first-ever athletes at the Winter Olympics. Probably.

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