As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, October 21, 2016

Part One

CETA collapses
Despite Canada's best efforts, Wallonia will not support a Canada-Europe trade agreement — and one former trade minister is furious that a small region in Belgium has put the deal in jeopardy. 

Facial recognition
Got your nose! And the rest of your face. In fact, law enforcement in the U-S has used facial recognition software to record and store about half of all Americans' faces — and in the eyes of our guest, that's problematic. 

Jeremy the snail 
Jeremy the snail is seeking a mate, but a rare genetic mutation means the spiral on its shell is reversed, and so are its genitals —  so the process of finding love will be slower than... um... a sloth? 

Part Two

UN Wonder Woman
The UN proudly announces its new ambassador for women's empowerment — but actual women are disappointed that it's the comic-book super-hero Wonder Woman. 

BC Red Zone
To cut down on crime, Maple Ridge, B.C. announces that part of its downtown core is off-limits to suspected criminals— and if any show up, they could be arrested on sight. 

Part Three

Internet attack
If anyone still used the phrase "surfing the web", then today would have been a total wipe-out — after a digital assault knocks down dozens of popular websites. 

Honduras leader
Another suspicious brutal killing of an activist leader in Honduras. Jose Angel Flores and another fellow land-rights activist were shot to death on Monday. Adding to a pattern that our guest says is to clear to ignore.

Mosul radio 
Carol speaks with the manager of a station broadcasting anti-ISIS propaganda into the besieged city of Mosul — despite the danger of such an act.

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