As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, September 30, 2016

Part One

Gender pronoun professor
University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson announces that he won't be using genderless pronouns -- and tonight, he'll explain why he's standing firm, after an angry backlash.

Rogers magazine shake-up
Rogers Media announces it's reducing the number of issues it publishes -- or cutting titles entirely.

Recovered stolen Van Gogh paintings 
Fourteen years after two priceless paintings by the Dutch master were stolen, an Amsterdam museum had all but given up hope -- and then, Italian police made a surprising discovery. 

Part Two

Ottawa: Not Criminally Responsible
His client left a man partly blind after attacking him with a hammer -- but an Ottawa lawyer says the court was right to find that client "not criminally responsible" for a fourth time. 

Wells Fargo: lawyer
If Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf has a cold compress on his head, it's understandable: not only has his bank been accused of fraud, now some of its fired employees are suing. 

Part Three

Pacific Northwest LNG pipeline project: First Nations
The Trudeau government says it consulted First Nations on the Pacific Northwest LNG project. But the hereditary chief of a BC First Nation says the islands where that pipeline is supposed to end belongs to his people. And before anything else happens, the government will have to talk to him in court. 

California rape statute
A California state senator defends a law she helped pass that eliminates the statute of limitations on rape.    

Bridgegate trial 
The governor of New Jersey hoped that, by now, the cars on the bridge would be water under the bridge. But for Chris Christie, the "Bridgegate" scandal -- like the traffic jams it caused -- simply refuses to end. 

As it Happens was produced this week by:

Jeanne Armstrong
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John Perry is the Senior Producer. And the Executive Producer of As It Happens is Robin Smythe.

We'd also like to thank some other people who helped us out this week: 

Mary Lynk and Alex Mason in Halifax
Susan McKenzie in Montreal
Kristin Nelson in Ottawa
Keith Hart and Jennifer Rowley in Toronto
Michael O'Halloran in Calgary, and Elyse Skura in Iqaluit.

And finally, tonight, we have to say a fond goodbye to Davorin Cikovic from Radio Archives here in Toronto. He's retiring and moving back to Sarajevo. Which is a loss for the CBC, and for us in particular -- because we've always been able to count on him when we need a piece of tape from our past. He took our constant requests with professionalism and courtesy, even when those requests were utterly ridiculous. Which was frequent. So thanks, Davorin. We'll miss you.

As It Happens will be back again on Monday. Good night, and good weekend.


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