As It Happens

As It Happens - Friday Edition

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Part One

Munich shooting
At least nine people are killed in a shooting on a German mall, and the attackers are still on the loose. Amid the ongoing confusion, we'll find out as much as we can about the situation. 

Detainee hunger strike
Our guest is one of dozens of people on hunger strike at a maximum-security facility in Ontario — because they're immigrants who are tired of being treated like criminals. 

UK jouster
Dominic Sewell is hoping to compete for the U.K. at the Olympics — if his campaign to get jousting recognized as an official event doesn't get knocked out of the saddle. 

Part Two

Chicken malaria
Surprising new research may make an enormous impact on the spread of malaria — when scientists discover that mosquitoes are repelled by the smell of chickens. 

Brexit astronomer
British scientists say the "Brexit" vote is already interfering with their research — and for our guest, an astrophysicist, things aren't looking up. 

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As It Happens will be back again on Monday. Good night, and good weekend.