As It Happens

As It Happens, Friday Edition

Friday, April 8th, 2016

Part One

Nova Scotia councillor blackmail attempt
Someone's attempt to blackmail a Nova Scotia councillor over a call to an escort service fizzles out -- when the councillor reveals everything at a press conference. 

Conservative leadership
Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai says the price hike to join the party -- and sky-high cost of entering the leadership race -- make the Tories look elitist. 

Artisanal pencil sharpener quits 
David Rees, perhaps the world's pre-eminent artisanal pencil sharpener, spent years honing his craft -- but tonight, he makes a different kind of point: he's getting out of the business - sort of. 

Part Two

Dangerous drug gone
It causes psychotic behaviour, and was beginning to look like a serious problem in Broward County, Florida -- but now, local police have managed to get a synthetic drug called Flakka off the streets. 

Nadine Gelineau obit
The late Nadine Gelineau wasn't just another music industry suit: to the many left-field artists whose careers she helped make, she was a much-loved advocate. 

Part Three

Mulcair follow-up
On Sunday, Tom Mulcair could pay the price for abandoning the NDP's progressive roots -- that's according to the outgoing secretary of the party's youth wing. 

Zippy Chippy
Zippy Chippy is a racehorse who broke record after record -- as the losingest thoroughbred in North American history. Carol speaks with the author of a new book about the zipless Zippy's winless trip. 

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