As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, October 30th 2015
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Part One

Amber alert case
While driving on an Ohio freeway, Steve Adams hears an amber alert -- and realizes the man and child the police are looking for are directly in front of him. 

Lesbos volunteer
An aid worker on the Greek island of Lesbos describes unbearable suffering on an unimaginable scale, as refugees continue to arrive -- not all of whom survive the journey.

VICE News RCMP order
First, VICE magazine taped an interview with a Calgary man who'd joined ISIS -- and then, the RCMP showed up demanding all his information. 

Part Two

CBC petition
It's rare for a union to suggest job cuts. But that's exactly what the English and French unions representing most CBC employees are doing. They're strongly suggesting the Corporation's president, and the entire Board of Directors, write themselves some pink slips. 

Coral sunscreen study
It feels responsible to put sunscreen on ourselves and our kids when we go to the beach. And it is. But it turns out sunscreen is also responsible for damaging coral -- which puts us, and it, in a difficult situation. 

Part Three

Soccer player
A teenage goaltender gets the boot from her soccer team. And she says it's because she's against salmon farming. 

Slave pardon
Samuel Burris is truly free at last. Delaware is granting a long-overdue pardon to a man who risked his life to help slaves escape to safety. 

Stadium acoustics
LA's Memorial Coliseum -- is getting a makeover. And not just for aesthetic reasons, but for acoustic ones, too. The problem is, that though the bowl seats nearly 94,000 people, it never really gets all that loud.

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