As It Happens

As it Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

Part One

Trans-Pacific Partnership: bovine growth hormone
Under the terms of the TPP deal, Canada may no longer block U.S. milk containing bovine growth hormone -- and our guest believes that should sour us on the deal. 

Quebec police allegations
Eight Quebec police officers are put on leave after allegations of sexual assault and mistreatment against aboriginal women in Val d'Or. 

Parachute beavers
There are few sights more majestic than that of the parachuting beaver. Also few sights more rare -- but thanks to a newly unearthed film from Idaho's Department of Fish and Game, we may all behold the glory. 

Part Two

Parkinson's smell
Researchers in Scotland are working with a woman whose sense of smell is so sensitive she may be able to sniff out Parkinson's disease -- before an official diagnosis.  

Putin fight challenge, curling brooms
A distinguished governance expert wants to go a few rounds with Vladimir Putin -- not trading arguments in a debate, but trading punches in the ring.  

Part Three

Promises, promises. And you can add at least 150 more "promises" to that. Now that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have won a majority, a Calgary man has put up a website that monitors the status of every one of those campaign pledges. 

Cuba sharks
They're not cuddly like pandas. They're not national symbols like the bald eagle. But Cuba believes it's time to start protecting sharks -- and it's co-operating with the U.S. to do just that.

Nova Scotia sea arch
A stone formation in Nova Scotia will draw fewer tourists, now that it's vanished.