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Artist's Instagram page 'Sad Topographies' features places with depressing names

Ever heard of Cape Disappointment? An Australian artist has started an Instagram account that showcases spots around the world with really, really, bleak names.
Screenshots from Damien Rudd's new Instagram account called 'Sad Topographies.' (Sad Topographies/Instagram)

An Australian artist has started an Instagram account called 'Sad Topographies' that showcases spots around the world with really, really, depressing names.

"I initially came across a place in Australia … called Mount Hopeless. The name kind of caught me off guard and I decided to come back later and research it," founder Damien Rudd tells As it Happens host Carol Off.  "I actually found that there were many more places that had surprisingly depressing names. That kind of got me started on the project."

So far, Rudd has found places with names like Shades of Death Road, Cape Disappointment, and Depression Pond.

"There are actually quite a lot of Depression Ponds. That might have something to do with the landscape .. being a kind of hole." 

Rudd finds these places by typing sad words into Google Maps.

He has also found a number of places in Canada, including Sorrow Islands in British Columbia and Murder Island in Nova Scotia.

Rudd thinks some communities are hesitant to change the names of these places because of their historical context.

"I think once you become accustomed to a name, you don't really hear it like an outsider would," he says. "There's a certain type of history that gets lost when you change names."

The saddest place Rudd has found so far: Sad Road. 

"It was one of the first places I found," he says. "It's so simple, but it's so beautiful as well." 


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