As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Part One

NDP candidate withdraws
The NDP asks a Manitoba candidate to step aside after he criticizes an Orthodox Jewish sect on social media -- which he does, but not without pushing back. 

Patrick Kane journalist
Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane is accused of sexual assault -- and when a Chicago sports journalist reports on the story, she's inundated with misogynist -- and threatening -- tweets. 

Male moustached kingfisher
Over the years, a handful of female mustached kingfishers have been photographed -- but now, after twenty years of searching, an American researcher has finally snapped an elusive plumed dude. 

Part Two

Mecca safety follow-up
In the aftermath of the stampede that killed more than 700 pilgrims on the hajj outside Mecca, our guest blames the Saudis for losing control of the site. 

MC Escher museum
The curator of the M.C. Escher Foundation accuses a Dutch museum of showing reproductions of the artist's work instead of originals -- and leaving visitors out of the loop. 

Part Three

MP voting website
Technically, it's public information. But actually getting that information is no picnic. So now, a Harvard Ph.D. student has created a website that will help you find out how Canadian MPs actually voted. 

Kim Davis gay friend
Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis went to jail rather than agreeing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. But that doesn't mean she's homophobic, Ms. Davis argues. She has gay friends. We speak to one. 

New Zealand flag
A North Carolina engineering firm discovers its business logo has the eye of New Zealand, as a potential design for the country's new flag.

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