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As It Happens: Friday Edition

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Part 1
Breivik Course
The University of Oslo accepts mass-murderer Anders Breivik as a student.

Closing Marijuana Stores
A Washington lawyer dredges up an old anti-Mafia law to help him take down Colorado's marijuana shops

Chicken Cuddler
With a salmonella outbreak underway, the US Centres for Disease Control orders amateur poultry enthusiasts to cut down on the cuddling and kissing of chickens. 

Part 2
Hacker Airmiles
United Airlines rewards computer hacker Jordan Wiens with more than a million frequent flyer miles after he digs up a glitch in its website's code.

Nova Scotia Poet Laureate
Nova Scotia's poet laureate prepares to head south after failing to find find paying work as a wordsmith here at home.

Underwater Volcanoes
A scientist's search for deep-sea lobster larvae off the Australian coast ends with the discovery of a chain of ancient underwater volcanoes.

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John McGill 
Kevin Robertson

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