As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, June 12, 2015

Part One

NAACP leader
The head of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP is accused of falsely claiming to be African-American -- by her own parents. 

Mother Canada statue
A heated argument develops between people who support a giant statue called "Mother Canada" -- and opponents, who believe proponents' enthusiasm -- and the statue itself -- are misplaced. 

Planet-discovering teen
They gave him plenty of space to work. And in return, a fifteen-year-old intern at a British university carefully scoured that space -- and discovered a new planet. 

Part Two

Greece broadcaster
Two years after it was closed down due to austerity measures, Greece's national broadcaster, ERT, is back on the air. 

Canoe trip album tour
Canadian singer-songwriter Peirson Ross goes on the road by going on the river -- undertaking a nine-hundred-plus kilometre tour through Ontario and Quebec by canoe. 

Part Three

Hamilton mailbox lawsuit
The legal story ends well for Canada Post in Hamilton, Ontario: a judge says the city's bylaw regulating the new community mailboxes should be returned to sender. And that doesn't sit well with our guest. 

Regina-Singapore move
A Regina family packs all its stuff for a big move to Singapore -- and then discovers that the container holding all that stuff has somehow been stolen. 

Delilah Saunders
Loretta Saunders was murdered last year in Halifax, just as she was preparing to graduate from university. Now her younger sister plans to finish Loretta's thesis, on Canada's missing and murdered aboriginal women.

As it Happens was produced this week by: 

Laurie Allan
Robert Ballantyne
John Chipman
Dawna Dingwall
Diane Eros
Katie Geleff
Chris Harbord
John McGill
Lindsay Michael

Kevin Robertson
Pedro Sanchez
Kate Swoger

Our technician is Reynold Gonsalves.  The show director is Kevin Ball.

Chris Howden is the show writer, and the co-host on Friday this week.

John Perry is the Senior Producer, and the Executive Producer of As It Happens is Robin Smythe

We'd also like to thank some other people who helped out this week: 

Mary Lynk in Halifax
Susan McKenzie in Montreal
Tom Jokinen in Ottawa
Davorin Cikovic and Keith Hart at Radio Archives in Toronto
Suzanne Dufresne in Winnipeg
Michael O'Halloran in Calgary and
Glen Hodgson, off the grid in Parry Sound. 

As It Happens will be back again on Monday. Have a great weekend.