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Consumers will pay the price for Google cutting ties with Huawei, says cyber policy expert

If you use a Huawei cellphone, it's almost certain you use Google products, too. But that could soon change in a big way. 

Why the man once in charge of U.S. nuclear energy now wants to see it banned

"I now believe that nuclear power’s benefits are no longer enough to risk the welfare of people living near these plants," writes Gregory Jaczko, former chair of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Toronto newsroom plans retirement party for guide dog

"She's part of the team. She's been with us all this time. So we need to do something to honour her. She's like a human co-worker. Let's send her off."

As It Happens: Monday Edition

May 20, 2019

'That's gonna blow': N.L. cabbie saves 4 people from car before it bursts into flames

A Newfoundland cabbie who rescued four people from a car before it erupted in flames says people are making too much of a fuss over a simple act of human decency.

As It Happens: Friday Edition

May 17, 2019

'I'm lucky,' says farmer who cut off his own trapped leg with a pocket knife

WARNING: This story contains disturbing details. A Nebraska farmer who cut off his own leg with a pocket knife after getting trapped in a grain auger says his injury is "just a scratch compared to some what some people have gone through."

Accused in Appalachian Trail murder had threatened hikers before, says sheriff

Tennessee Sheriff Mike Hensley tells us about his deputies' bizarre encounter with James Jordan — weeks before he allegedly assaulted a Nova Scotian woman and murdered another man on the Appalachian Trail.

Hear Conrad Black's combative 2013 interview with As It Happens

U.S. President Donald Trump has granted a pardon to former Canadian media mogul Conrad Black for his 2007 fraud and obstruction of justice convictions. Black did not reply to our request for an interview today, but he did speak to As It Happens host Carol Off in 2013 about a controversial TV interview he had conducted with then-Toronto mayor Rob Ford. At the time, Black was hosting a show for Vision TV.

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

May 16,2019

In 1988, another Supreme Court justice opened up about depression — and he got pushed out

Toronto criminal lawyer David Butt calls Supreme Court Justice Clement Gascon "incredibly brave" for opening up about his mental health struggles. Butt was a law clerk for Justice Gerald Le Dain, who also sat on the top court and suffered with depression in 1988.

Re-integration begins for nearly 900 Nigerian children freed from anti-Boko Haram force

Last week the Boko Haram resistance group, the Civilian Joint Task Force, released nearly 900 children from its ranks —  and has committed to stop recruiting children. Now the freed child militants face the difficult task of working through their trauma and re-integrating into their communities.

Veteran Palestinian negotiator calls U.S. decision to deny her visa 'petty and vindictive'

Hanan Ashrawi says she's been barred from the United States and the prominent Palestinian leader suspects it's because of her not-so flattering opinions of U.S. President Donald Trump.

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Brutal torture in Syrian prison network detailed by New York Times investigation

A new investigation by the New York Times' Anne Barnard offers a deep and disturbing look at the Syrian civil war playing out behind closed doors, in a brutal network of secret torture prisons where thousands of individuals disappear each year.

It's about justice, not money in $2B US Roundup verdict, lawyer says

Plaintiffs Alva and Alberta Pilliod just want to see Roundup maker Bayer brought to justice, says lawyer Brent Wiseman.

'Women are not protected': Former Afghan MP calls for justice after TV host shot dead

Former Afghan member of parliament Fawzia Koofi says the recent death of journalist-turned political adviser Mina Mangal is another example of the danger and oppression that women in Afghanistan face every day.

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Doris Day turned to animal rights activism to find 'unconditional love,' says biographer

Doris Day biographer Tom Santopietro remembers the star as a "very genuine, loving person" who stayed optimistic through years of heartbreak.

Tech columnist crafts song out of Amazon smart speaker recordings to sound privacy alarm

Amazon's voice-activated Alexa Echo devices are there to make your life easier. What many don't know, says Washington Post columnist Geoffrey Fowler, is that it's recording everything you tell it, and sending those recordings to Amazon's data servers.

As It Happens: Monday Edition

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Boy who delighted orchestra with 'wow' has a deep love of music, says grandmother

After a single "wow" sent a Boston orchestra searching for Ronan Mattin, the nine-year-old boy's grandmother says she's overwhelmed with what his proclamation of wonder has meant for the world.

Denver decriminalizing magic mushrooms a win for 'psychedelic subculture,' says lawyer

As Denver voters pass a grassroots ballot initiative to decriminalize magic mushrooms, one lawyer who helped with the campaign says it puts the "psychedelic subculture" on the map.

Europe can still save Iran deal after Tehran rejects talks with U.S., says EU adviser

With the United States and Iran ratcheting up tensions, the special advisor to the European Union's top diplomat insists there's room for the Europeans save the nuclear deal and avoid a possible conflict.

Beer-brewing Belgian monks in legal battle to protect well water from mining

Trappist monks in the Belgian town of Rochefort are fighting to protect the spring water they use to brew beer. The lime-quarrying company Lhoist wants to drill in the area, which the monks argue would destroy the local water table — and change the quality of their unique Trappist beer.