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Canada's new position for combating Islamophobia is 'about bringing people together'

Amira Elghawaby is Canada's first-ever special representative on combating Islamophobia. She tells Nil Köksal what she thinks success in that job will look like.
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Why this woman left a career in architecture to catalogue bird feathers

Instead of designing buildings, Esha Munshi puts her aesthetic skills to use by collecting, photographing, measuring and cataloguing the wings and feathers of India's more than 1,300 bird species. 
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This 'fire-breathing demon' dog is coming for your ankles. Want to adopt him?

Ralphie is cute, but there’s no getting around it. He’s a menace. He’ll blow you away with his puppy-dog eyes, but he will go for the ankles, according to Liz Marshall at the Niagara Country SPCA in New York.

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Wave of plastic pellets washed ashore in France an 'irreversible' problem, says activist

When Lionel Cheylus rolled up his sleeves to help gather tiny plastic pellets strewn across a beach in France, he knew it was an impossible task — but that was kind of the point.
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Florida's 'Stop Woke Act' won't stop this prof from teaching about anti-Black racism

Marvin Dunn says a new law won’t stop him from teaching Florida’s youth about Black history — no matter the cost.
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Why this Afghan women's rights activist wants the world to talk to the Taliban

Many Afghan women’s rights advocates who are living in exile have asked the international community to take a hard line against the Taliban government. But Mahbouba Seraj says that’s an easy stance to take when you’re not living under Taliban rule.

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January 25, 2023 Episode Transcript

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'It's called capitalism': Ticketmaster's ex-CEO defends the company's business model

People who are frustrated with Ticketmaster are just lying in the bed they made themselves, insists the embattled company’s former CEO.
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California community coming together after Lunar New Year shooting, says local official

Thomas Wong, a council member in Monterey Park, Calif., says the full scope of the tragedy that unfolded in his community this weekend hasn’t fully hit him yet.

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January 24, 2023 Episode Transcript

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These ancient crocodile mummies are so well-preserved, they almost look alive

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of 10 mummified crocodiles from an Egyptian tomb that are so well-preserved, one scientist said it's "like almost a real crocodile just lying there in front of you."
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Jacinda Ardern's former chief of staff says she taught him 'a different kind of politics'

Before Neale Jones started working for Jacinda Ardern, he says he’d never met a politician who wasn’t willing to play dirty.

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Scientists divert lightning with a great big laser

Physicists at the University of Geneva have accomplished something nobody has before — controlling the path of lightning by shooting a massive laser at the sky.
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Patriotic Millionaires member protests at Davos, calling for greater taxes on the rich

Phil White wants the government to take his money, please. The self-described British millionaire is protesting outside the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, with a sign that reads: "Tax the rich."

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Ham on the lam: This duck named after dinner won't stop wandering off

A fashionable fowl with an insatiable wanderlust has become a local sensation in the British town of Chorley.

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