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Northern hunter living hard reality described in new report on climate change

A new report from Human Rights Watch says that climate change is making it much more difficult for Indigenous people to survive in Canada's north, and it is infringing on their rights.

Metropolitan Museum visitor finds a missing Jacob Lawrence painting

A visitor to the Metropolitan Museum's Jacob Lawrence exhibit on this Struggle series depicting early American history saw the paintings lined up with spaces for the missing pieces and realized she knew where to find one of them.

Gerald, the turkey who menaced a California neighbourhood, has finally been captured

On Thursday Gerald, a grumpy turkey that has been attacking children and older residents in Oakland, Cali. for the past seven months, was finally captured and relocated outside the city.

Former NHL enforcer wants to outlaw fighting in hockey including Quebec's top junior league

Enrico Ciccone, a Liberal member of Quebec's National Assembly and a former NHL hockey player, introduced a private member's bill Wednesday that would ban fighting in amateur sports in the province. The bill would ban fighting in sports when the athletes are under 18, with combat sports excepted.

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, October 23, 2020

This NGO is leading the search for parents separated from children at U.S-Mexico border

Despite a federal judge ruling that the government reunite them, the parents of more than 500 children still can't be found. 

'Magicians do not lie about the universe,' says performer Penn Jillette of The Amazing Randi

James Randi, a successful magician, skeptic and master debunker of self-proclaimed spoon benders and mind readers has died at the age of 92. A man with a “playful quality attached to the strongest morality” is how Penn Jillette, part of the magic and performance duo Penn and Teller, describes his mentor and longtime friend.  

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, Oct. 22

Why the mayor of Compton is launching a guaranteed basic income pilot

Mayor Aja Brown says the guaranteed income program can help her city address inequality.

Chinese ambassador should apologize or be expelled for 'threatening' Canadians in Hong Kong: activist

China's ambassador to Canada should apologize or be expelled for remarks he made about the 300,000 Canadians in Hong Kong, says a Canadian living in the semi-autonomous region. 

Mi'kmaw lobster fishery 'doesn't pose any conservation risk,' says prof

The Mi’kmaw lobster fishery in Nova Scotia has commercial operators concerned about the species, but the director of Saint Mary’s University’s School of the Environment says the Indigenous haul will be too small to do any real damage.

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Oct. 21, 2020

Holocaust survivor Ruth Kluger 'would not accept inequality,' says friend

Anger fuelled Ruth Kluger's writing and her advocacy her whole life and she never backed down from it, says a longtime friend and neighbour.

When restaurants closed during the pandemic, a food writer opened her own — for a chipmunk

Soup noodles with bamboo shoots and mushrooms. Or pizza with an almond flour crust. Those are some of the dishes that Atlanta food writer Angela Hansberger has been serving up recently at her tiny, very exclusive "restaurant." It's so exclusive that it's impossible to get a table ... unless you're a chipmunk.

Swedish virologist says her country's COVID-19 strategy has failed, but nobody will admit it

Sweden's health authority maintains its approach to COVID-19 was a success. But our guest says the data speaks differently, and that new measures announced Monday are insufficient.

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Oct. 10, 2020

Divers locate world's oldest known slave ship — only to find it run over by trawlers

Kramer Wimberley leads the maritime archaeology program Diving With a Purpose. They preserving the ruins of slave ships along international coastlines. 

Man from 'Halloween Capital of the World' grows heaviest pumpkin of 2020

The 35-hour drive from Minnesota to California was a smashing success for Travis Gienger when his massive pumpkin won the 47th Annual Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off.

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Oct. 19, 2020

N.S. fishermen's union head quits, says lobster dispute is 'too much of a toll' on his family

Joel Comeau says it's no longer safe for him to be the president of Local 9 of the Maritime Fishermen's Union in Nova Scotia.

First Nation chief says he fears for his people after attacks on Mi'kmaw lobster fishery

Sipekne'katik First Nation Chief Mike Sack says he worries someone will get hurt or worse after hundreds of commercial fisherman stormed two Mi'kmaw lobster facilities on Tuesday, hurled threats, set a van ablaze and stole hundreds of lobsters. 

This man decorated his lawn for Halloween with 'the scariest thing' he could imagine

James Worsham doesn't usually decorate his front yard for Halloween, but this year he decided to display something truly horrific.

As It Happens: The Friday Edition

Oct. 16, 2020

Toronto police identify killer in cold case of 9-year-old Christine Jessop

Toronto police have identified the killer of nine-year-old Christine Jessop, who was abducted from Queensville, Ont., before being raped and killed in 1984 — a case that resulted in the years-long wrongful conviction of Guy Paul Morin. 

'Incredibly rare' male-female bird spotted at Pennsylvania nature reserve

Researchers at the Powdermill Nature Reserve in Pennsylvania were thrilled to be visited recently by a half male, half female rose-breasted grosbeak.