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Britney Spears inspires bipartisan U.S. bill to reform conservatorships

Inspired by Britney Spears, U.S. lawmakers have unveiled new legislation designed to empower people who have been placed under conservatorships.

How would a horse wear pants? With suspenders, of course

Winston the retired racehorse sports denim pant legs held up by suspenders to keep the flies at bay while he heals from a leg injury.

Let vaccinated Canadians drive across the U.S. border, urges N.Y. congressman

A New York congressman says it’s time for the U.S. to open its land border to fully vaccinated Canadians.

As It Happens: The Friday Edition

July 23, 2021

Why some scientists want to rebrand shark attacks as 'negative encounters'

Dropping the phrase "shark attack" is a great way to change the narrative about the much-maligned sea creatures, says marine scientist Toby Daly-Engel.

They survived a mass shooting meant to silence them. But these Norwegian women are louder than ever

The documentary film Generation Utoya follows four young women who survived a politically motivated mass shooting in Norway in 2011. But instead of retreating from the public sphere, they've become more politically active than ever.

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

July 22, 2021

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Let's dance! Witless Bay seniors ready to boogie after successful appeal to government

After nearly 16 months of waiting, and a clever music video parodying the 1984 film Footloose, seniors at Alderwood Estates in Witless Bay are ready to blow the roof off the place Saturday night.

Jazz legend Jerry Granelli's son says he was 'so blessed' to play music with his dad

J. Anthony Granelli says he feels so grateful that he was able to share in his father's greatest passion — making music. 

We must prepare for wildfires, not just react to them, urges First Nation councillor

Without a better wildfire management plan, Little Grand Rapids, Man., Coun. Blair Owen worries his community will be “on constant standby to evacuate” for the foreseeable future.

Journalist targeted by Pegasus spyware says her sources — and her loved ones — are at risk

Azerbaijani investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova knows it's not her fault that her friends and family members may have been targeted by military-grade spyware, but she still feels responsible.

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

July 21, 2021

July 21, 2021 Episode Transcript

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N.L. seniors bust a move as they call for an end to COVID-19 dance ban

A group of retirement home residents are showing off their moves in a Footloose-style music video to convince the Newfoundland and Labrador government to let them dance together again.

A tropical moonfish the size of a large dog washed up in Oregon

Tiffany Boothe rushed to the beach when she heard that an unusually large and colourful fish had washed up on the shore. It was a brilliant orange and silver moonfish — unlike any other she'd seen on the Oregon coast — and the size of a large dog.

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

July 20, 2021

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England's reopening is 'deeply immoral, reckless and unethical,' says epidemiologist

England's so-called "Freedom Day" could have disastrous consequences for the country and the world, says Dr. Deepti Gurdasani.

Woman watched her street become 'wild river' amid floods in Germany

Anja Menzel says scenes in parts of her country right now are "just devastating." More than 125 people have died after catastrophic flooding in parts of Europe.

The world's 'loneliest whale' can teach us a lot if we listen to it, says filmmaker

First detected in the late 1980s, the 52 hertz whale sounds unlike any other marine mammal, and Joshua Zeman says that has left generations of wildlife lovers captivated by its mysterious, unanswered call. 

As It Happens: The Monday Edition

July 19, 2021

July 19, 2021 Episode Transcript

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Tiny computers mounted on snail shells helped reveal how one species escaped extinction

On the island of Tahiti, scientists have discovered how one snail species survived extinction while others fell prey to an invasive carnivorous snail. Using tiny millimetre-sized computers, they found the native white-shelled Partula hyalina snail had been using sunlight to survive.

As It Happens: The Friday Edition

July 16, 2021