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Man who barricaded himself in office during Nairobi attack didn't know who to trust

"You just don't know whether the noises you're hearing, whether it's people, whether it's police, whether it's terrorists, you just don't know what those noises are," said Simon Crump.

Welsh town hopes to steal world's steepest street record from New Zealand

"We are pretty certain that the data we have will knock this street in this country called New Zealand off its little perch," says resident Gwyn Headley.

Painting stolen from Belgian church days before appraisal might be a Michelangelo

A pastor at a small Belgian church suspected that one of its paintings might be a Michelangelo. But with just days before the appraisers were set to arrive, he learned that the potential masterpiece had been stolen.

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Jan. 15, 2019

Hopes are slim for Canadian sentenced to death in China, says advocate

"I would like to think that my friends in China will really come to their senses and stay their hand," says Dui Hua Foundation head John Kamm. "I think there's a chance of that. Otherwise, I wouldn't be fighting so hard."

Probe into whether Trump worked for Russia an 'extraordinary development,' says ex-FBI official

Former high-level FBI official Frank Figliuzzi says the evidence is mounting that U.S. President Donald Trump didn't just benefit from interference in the 2016 election — but that he could actually be working to benefit the Russian state.

Munich commuter's 'train delay scarf' fetches more than $11K on eBay

Claudia Weber knitted the scarf using different colours of yarn to document every train delay she experienced in 2018.

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Jan. 14, 2019

Canada should not turn Saudi teen into a 'political football,' says former ambassador

By "milking" the decision to bring Rahaf al-Qunun to Canada, the Trudeau government could put her at greater risk, says Dennis Horak.

Cyclist, 90, who failed drug test because of liver dinner is 'moving forward,' says coach

The Indiana cycling champion was recently stripped of his world record and publicly reprimanded for failing a drug test — all because he had cow's liver for dinner one night.

Mystery solved? Researchers offer new clue to the perplexing origin of Easter Island statues

A new study could solve one of the mysteries behind the giant stone statues on Easter Island. According to researchers, the statues are placed near sources of fresh water.

George, reclusive Hawaiian snail who was likely the last of his kind, dies at 14

George the Snail was the last survivor of a snail species found only on the Hawaiian island of O'ahu.

Years after Oka, Mohawk activist Ellen Gabriel says Indigenous people still treated as 'dispensable'

When As It Happens was covering the Oka crisis in 1990, Ellen Gabriel stood out. She was the tough-as-nails voice and face of the Mohawk people in Kanesatake. She reflects on that tense summer, and whether another 'Oka' could happen again.

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Jan. 11, 2019

Maker of sex toy banned from CES showcase calls out gender double standard in tech

The Osé sex toy was offered an innovation award and exhibition space at the Consumer Electrics Show in Las Vegas — then abruptly disqualified.

How The Sopranos 'broke all the rules' and changed TV forever

Actor Steve Van Zandt and TV critic Alan Sepinwall look back on the iconic show's 20th anniversary.

Canadian denied entry to China to visit jailed father fears she'll never see him again

It took Montreal's Ti-Anna Wang 10 years to secure a visa to China to visit her ailing father in jail, Chinese dissident Wang Bingzhang.

As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

Jan. 10, 2018

'Of course' Turkey will eliminate Kurdish forces if U.S. leaves Syria, says former adviser

U.S.-allied Kurdish fighters will undoubtedly face "repercussions from the Turkish army" if America pulls out of Syria, says a former adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government.

New Hampshire town seeks state approval to install more 'beaver deceivers'

Beavers in Hopkinton, N.H., have been flooding an old roadway for over a year. But the proposed solution needs state approval — that's how Bill 281: An Act Relative To Beaver Deceivers came about.

'An unpleasant beast': U.K. town discovers massive fatberg lurking in sewer

Workers will don full breathing apparatuses and spend weeks cutting up a huge fatberg of grease, garbage and human waste on the Devon coast in the U.K.

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

Jan. 9, 2019

How a Saudi woman in Canada helped Rahaf al-Qunun tell the world about her plight

When an 18-year-old Saudi woman found herself stranded in an airport in Thailand with no passport and the threat of deportation, she reached out to another Saudi woman, who fled her own country for Canada.

Mother guards daughter 24/7 at care facility where patient in vegetative state gave birth

Karina Cesena has barely left her daughter's room at a private health-care facility in Phoenix since she learned that another patient in a vegetative state had given birth.

Ex-felons in Florida celebrate, shed tears as they register to vote for the first time

After years of being unable to vote because of his criminal record, Desmond Meade cried with joy as he filled out his voter registration.