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How a Montreal Massacre survivor became a character in a Louise Penny detective novel

Louise Penny’s latest novel, A World of Curiosities, includes a fictionalized account of the Dec. 6, 1989, École Polytechnique shooting that includes survivor Nathalie Provost.

Jonathan the world's oldest tortoise is a 'charming old gentleman'

At the ripe old age of 190, Jonathan the Seychelles tortoise enjoys hanging out with his caretakers, eating locally grown fruit, posing for the camera, and having sexual dalliances with his male and female tortoise companions.

What is 'goblin mode' and why is it Oxford's 2022 word of the year?

The publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary put its 2022 word of the year up for a public vote this year, and goblin mode reigned supreme. To be in goblin mode is to be "unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly or greedy," according to the dictionary.

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Hockey Canada report the tip of the iceberg for homophobia in the sport, says ex-player

Hockey Canada report says that of the 512 penalties called by officials last season, 61 per cent involved sexual orientation or gender identity. Brock McGillis, one of the first pro hockey players to come out as gay, says that represents a small fraction of the homophobia at play in the sport.

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French baguette makes UN cultural heritage list — but some refuse to toast the decision

The baguette has been added to the United Nations’ cultural heritage list, delighting bakers around the world. But at least one bread expert says he’s feeling downright crusty about the decision. 

Tiananmen Square survivor sees 'echoes' in today's Chinese protests

As the Chinese government warns it will "resolutely crack down" on protesters if necessary, dissident Yang Jianli is calling on the international community to make sure that doesn't happen. He spoke to As It Happens host Nil Köksal. 

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Uyghur mistreatment to blame for fire behind Chinese protests, says victims' relative

When Abdulhafiz Maimaitimin learned that his aunt and her four children were killed in the apartment fire that sparked protests across China, he says he felt like he'd been knocked off his feet.

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Scientists are using facial recognition software to track and protect seals

Scientists are taking a controversial technology associated with surveillance, and adapting it for conservation.

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This bird had been considered 'lost' for 140 years. Here's how scientists found it again

Scientists have captured video of a black-naped pheasant-pigeon on an island in Papua New Guinea. It was the first time the bird had been documented since 1882.

Behold figgy pudding Spam, the 'unholy' holiday canned pork blasted with citrus

Washington Post food writer Emily Heil describes figgy pudding Spam as "an unholy, eggnog-fueled tryst between a hot dog and a fruitcake."

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Chinese protests have human rights advocate feeling inspired, yet terrified

Human rights advocate Yaqiu Wang has mixed feelings about the protests unfolding across China. She spoke to As It Happens guest host Peter Armstrong.

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Ukrainian doctors were performing heart surgery on a child. Then the power went out

Doctors in Kyiv were performing open-heart surgery on a 14-year-old boy Wednesday when the lights suddenly flickered off.