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As Canada grapples with residential school legacy, the U.S. looks to its own history

As Canadians grapple with the discoveries of children's remains at residential schools sites, Americans are about to get a wake-up call of their own, says a descendant of U.S. Native American boarding school survivors.

Venice risks being put on endangered list if it doesn't ban cruise ships, says UN agency

The United Nations heritage agency may move Venice to its list of endangered sites if the historic city continues to allow massive cruise ships to dock in his fragile canals. 

TRC's Marie Wilson says it's time Canadians ask themselves what they want to be known for

The Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan has announced a preliminary finding Thursday of 751 unmarked graves at a cemetery near the former Marieval Indian Residential School. Marie Wilson, a former commissioner of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, says it won't be the last such discovery.

As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

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That time a Cartoonist turned iTunes Terms and Conditions into graphic novel

New York's Robert Sikoryak has turned the entire contents of the iTunes Terms and Conditions into a series of comics.

Toronto official defends large police operation to evict homeless encampment

The massive police and security presence at downtown Toronto park on Tuesday was meant to protect city workers and people living in tents in case protests turned violent, says a city spokesperson. 

Brothers claim record for walking longest highline above Yosemite National Park

Brothers Daniel and Moises Monterrubio say they have taken in the view of California's Yosemite National Park from the longest highline the state has ever seen. 

Nova Scotia lumberjack teaches crows how to logroll

A Nova Scotia man is teaching two young crows how to logroll while rehabilitating them at his lumberjack theme park.

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New women's Tour de France is a win, but this pro cyclist says the race isn't over yet

Former pro cyclist Kathryn Bertine says she will be cheering loudly from the sidelines next summer as the next generation of women take part in the first Tour de France for women since the 1980s. 

Olympian Perdita Felicien's memoir is an homage to all the hurdles her mother faced

When Canadian hurdling champion Perdita Felicien sat down to write her memoir, she realized that in order to show people who she truly is, she had to tell her mother's story. In My Mother's Daughter, she traces her mother's journey from Saint Lucia to Canada — and describes the struggle and abuse she faced here as she tried to make a new life for her family.

Scottish sex tour explores linen condoms and positions like 'the wheelbarrow'

A new tour by the National Trust of Scotland aims to pull back the curtain on the sexual practices of Scots during from the 17th century to the 19th century.

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Sleep-deprived ultrarunner completes 214 peaks in record-breaking time

After completing all the Wainright peaks in less than six days, Sabrina Verjee now holds an extraordinary record.

Halifax thrift shop filled with photos of 'local hero' chief medical officer

Visitors to the shop will have a hard time getting away from chief medical officer Dr. Robert Strang, who is popping up in frames, on coasters — and even overlooking the shoes.

As It Happens: Monday Edition

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Advocate calls out Saudi Arabia for 'false promise' on executions after young man put to death

Maya Foa, director of the NGO Reprieve, says a young Saudi man's family is 'absolutely devastated' after he was executed for taking part in protests as a teenager.

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, June 18, 2021

Creativity doesn't fade with age — and Emily Urquhart says her father's career proves it

Emily Urquhart says for a long time she assumed her father's abilities as a painter would diminish with age. But what really happened challenged conventional wisdom and her own.

Good for the goose? Droppings are the star ingredient in new Finnish beer

Craving a beer with notes of chocolate, coffee, and just a faint aroma of goose poop? This ecologically-minded Finnish brewery has you covered.

Nunavut MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq on leaving politics, and why she feels no pride in Canada

Mumilaaq Qaqqaq says she wants to be selfish for the first time in her life, and finally pursue her own happiness. The 27-year-old Nunavut NDP MP recently announced she would not be seeking re-election, and she went out swinging this week with a powerful farewell speech.

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Black players in the Negro Leagues incorporated into baseball's go-to site for statistics

The Negro Leagues produced some of baseball's most talented players, from Willie Mays to Jackie Robinson and Bullet Rogan — and only now, they're being recognized as such by the go-to site for the game's statistics.

Glasgow man recreates airplane meals for his husband from their prepandemic adventures

Nik Sennhauser started recreating airline meals for Sunday dinner earlier this year. The self-descried aviation geek says the meals take him back to a time before the pandemic when he'd jump on a plane with his husband and head off on an adventure.

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

June 16, 2021