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Return of Norman Hardie wines to LCBO makes accuser feel like her 'experience didn't matter'

One of Norman Hardie's accusers is speaking out against the Liquor Control Board of Ontario for restocking the winemaker's products six months after he was accused of widespread sexual misconduct.

Ex-diplomat's arrest is retaliation for Huawei CFO, says Canadian once jailed in China

Kevin Garratt spent two years in a Chinese prison following a similar diplomatic dust-up.

Puma brings back fitness-tracking shoe considered 'useless' in 1986

Peter Cavanagh designed Puma's 1986 RS-Computer Shoe. It tracked distance, pace, and caloric cost — much like fitness trackers today.

This insect's 'pee droplets' accelerate faster than a cheetah

Georgia Tech assistant professor Saad Bhamla and his colleagues have studied video footage of insects called sharpshooters.

A 'marvellous experience': Woman who survived 49 days in the Yukon after plane crash has died

Helen Klaben died earlier this month — 55 years after a plane crash in the Yukon. She spoke to As It Happens in 1975 about the crash and surviving in the wilderness.

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Dec. 12, 2018

McGill grad jailed in Iran being criminalized for environmental work, says friend

It's been more than 10 months since McGill graduate Niloufar Bayani was arrested in Iran, where she was working as a conservationist. Now, calls are growing in Canada and around the world for her release.

Icelandic climbers' bodies found 30 years after they disappeared in the Himalayas

A mountain climber who spent weeks searching for his two friends in the Himalayas 30 years ago says he feels like things have come "full circle" now that their bodies have been found.

'Sleep Country Canada': What Canadians would name new home for Senate

As It Happens was flooded with responses after asking Canadians to name the new temporary Senate building, which will stand in for the Red Chamber during renovations on Parliament Hill.

The Human Dreidel of New York City just wants to 'cheer people up'

For the last two years, budding street performer Jason Izen has confused and dazzled passersby by grooving on streets and subway cars in a variety of costumes — but he really hit his stride this Hanukkah.

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Dec. 11, 2018

Russian activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva, known for her humour and optimism, dies at 91

Alexeyeva was known as the "grandmother" of the Russian human rights movement.

Webequie First Nation chief mourns death of teen who left community in search of counselling

Webequie First Nation Chief Cornelius Wabasse says too many Indigenous youth are forced to leave their communities to access basic services like counselling in urban centres.

Man raped during 'scared straight' prison tour says he was too ashamed to tell anyone

A man who was raped by inmates during a "scared straight" prison tour four decades ago says not a day goes by that he doesn't relive those terrifying moments.
CBC Nova Scotia

How seagulls, pepperoni got Dartmouth man banned from posh B.C. hotel

The Fairmont Empress in Victoria has lifted its ban against Nick Burchill — 17 years after dozens of seagulls trashed the Dartmouth, N.S., man's hotel room while feasting on enough pepperoni to fill his suitcase.

Researchers don't know why seals are getting eels stuck in their noses

A viral photo of a relaxed looking seal with an eel dangling out of its nostril is just one of four such incidents recorded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration over the last two years.

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Dec. 10, 2018

These long-lost Yiddish songs from WW II tell tales of Jewish resistance and survival

A new album of recently unearthed songs written by Soviet Jews during the Second World War counters the narrative of Jews being passively led to slaughter by Nazis.

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Dec. 7, 2018

This formerly 'vaccine-hesitant' mom has a message for Canadian doctors

A mother whose children all contracted whooping cough three years ago says it's time for health-care providers to change the way they talk to so-called anti-vaxxer parents.

Amazon dropped as sponsor of Quebec literary prize after all 5 finalists speak out

Organizers of the Prix littéraire des collégiens have decided to abandon Amazon's sponsorship after the authors published a joint letter in Le Devoir denouncing the company's "inhuman methods."

Denmark treating migrants like 'inferior race' by sending them to remote island: MP

A Danish opposition politician is shocked that the government is planning to send migrants to live on an island used for studying diseased animals.

Shirley Chisholm, first black congresswoman in U.S., gets statue in Brooklyn

Washington assistant professor Niambi Carter speaks about Shirley Chisholm's legacy, following the announcement that New York City will put up a statue of the pioneering politician.

Carol Off and Jeff Douglas answer questions at Sounds of the Season

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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Dec. 6, 2018