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California tiki bar removes more than $10K in dollar bills from ceiling and walls

For more than a decade, when locals and visitors pop in for a mai tai at the popular bar, they pin a dollar bill to the ceiling with a cocktail umbrella. Last month, owner Michael Thanos decided it was time to pull the money down and add it up. 

John Mann died surrounded by music and loved ones sharing one last beer

The frontman of the Canadian folk-rock band Spirit of the West died Wednesday in Vancouver from complications related to early-onset Alzheimer's. He was 57.

Canadian family describes their mother's 'terrifying' escape from Iran

Last month, Maryam Mombein finally made it home to Canada after being trapped in Iran for 582 days. Now for the first time, the Iranian-Canadian family is telling the story behind that escape.

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Nov. 20, 2019

Trump's military murder pardon a slap in the face to honourable soldiers: ex-army medic

By pardoning an American lieutenant found guilty of murder, U.S. President Donald Trump has done a disservice to the other soldiers in his platoon who stood up for what's right, says a former army medic.

Toronto woman welcomes child welfare program that would have kept her family together

When Anna Amy Ho first heard of the new pilot program launched by the Children's Aid Society, she immediately wished it had been available when she was younger.

Engineers create a toilet bowl coating so slippery that 'human waste can't stick to it'

Tak-Sing Wong and his team of mechanical engineers at Penn State have created a new coating that makes toilet bowls so slippery, almost nothing sticks — including, and especially, human feces.

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Nov. 20, 2019

Activist shares stories, videos from Iranian protesters in defiance of internet blackout

The government of Iran has responded to massive protests by shutting down the internet. But New York-based Iranian activist and journalist Masih Alinejad is still finding ways to get the information out.

This 'perfect miniature magazine' by Charlotte Brontë is heading back to England

The Brontë Society is celebrating its purchase at auction of a tiny tome, written by a young Charlotte Brontë. The elusive miniature magazine completes a collection the society's museum has been building for years.

Why pessimists in Finland are embracing their town's reputation as 'the worst'

As visitors approach Finnish community of Puolanka, they're greeted by ominous signs that read: "You’ve still got time to turn around.”

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Nov. 19, 2019

Hong Kong students pushed by police action to use 'unprecedented force,' says activist

A pro-democracy activist in Hong Kong says students throwing bricks and using bows and arrows have been provoked into violence by the police.

Writer stripped of Indian citizenship says PM trying to 'make an example' of him

Aatish Taseer says the Indian government has cut him off from his home and his family to punish him for writing an article that was critical of the prime minister.

This Bengals fan vowed to live on his roof until his team wins. 6 weeks later, he's still there

Cincinnati Bengals fan Jeff Lanham vowed to live on the roof of his restaurant until his football team won a game. But the Bengals are still stuck in a winless streak — so Lanham is now into his second month up there.

As It Happens: The Monday Edition

Nov. 18, 2019

After 6 years, prize-winning author detained on Manus Island lands in N.Z. — and vows to stay

Six years after first arriving to a detention centre on Manus Island, Kurdish-Iranian refugee Behrouz Boochani is in New Zealand. He's on a temporary visitor's visa for a book festival. But Boochani says he'll never return to Manus Island if he can help it.

Book about a random Sunday in the U.S. proves 'there's no such thing as an ordinary day'

Washington Post reporter Gene Weingarten has a mantra: if you've got the patience to find it, and the skill to tell it, there's a story behind everyone and everything. 

Why this photographer brought a 1940s wooden camera to the impeachment inquiry

Renowned photographer David Burnett was just one of dozens of photojournalists in the crowd at the public hearings in the U.S. presidential impeachment inquiry on Wednesday. But he stuck out, because of his World War II-era wooden camera.

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Nov. 15, 2019

A Texas family was ordered take down early Christmas decorations, so they put up more

Claudia Simonis is pregnant and her baby is due Dec. 25, so she wanted to get a jump start on decorating.

Amateur wildlife photographer captures photo of rare 3-antlered deer

Steve Lindberg was walking his dog in the woods near Marquette, Mich., last weekend when he came across a deer with "a pretty nice set of antlers."

Wi-Fi is illegal in this West Virginia town, but it 'keeps creeping in' anyhow

It's illegal to use Wi-Fi in Green Bank, West Va., because the town is home to a massive observatory that requires electromagnetic silence to operate. But it's becoming difficult to enforce that law as smart technology becomes more popular.

Anti-Trump books keep 'going missing' at an Idaho library, says director

The director of the library in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, says someone has been taking books off the shelf — specifically politically progressive titles and those that criticize U.S. President Donald Trump — and stashing them where no other patrons could possibly find them.

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Nov. 14, 2019