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Trailblazing, all-Black Ontario baseball team gets the video game treatment

It's all a bit surreal for Ferguson "Fergie" Jenkins Jr., to see the newest players added to Major League Baseball's top-selling video game series, The Show. The 1934 Chatham Coloured All-Stars champions, including his dad, have been brought back to life — and are ready to play ball.

When an octopus kills, it is stealthy and calculating

When an octopus entangles its prey in its powerful, swirling mass of tentacles, it may look to the untrained eye like chaos. But, in fact, it’s a highly choreographed hunt.

The war in Ukraine finally feels real for Russians, says student

A Russian student says people in her country have woken up to the harsh realities of the war after the government announced a mass mobilization of Russian citizens to fight in Ukraine.

How many ants are there? The number is 'incredibly difficult to comprehend'

A new study estimates there are 20 quadrillion ants on the planet. That's 20 thousand million millions, or 20,000,000,000,000,000 with 16 zeroes. And it's likely an underestimate.

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Why this signed copy of The Catcher in the Rye is 'elusive and quite special'

It's rare to find signed works of J.D. Salinger's, but this inscribed copy of The Catcher in the Rye is being sold by Peter Harrington Books in the U.K. for £225,000.

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California teens ID 2 new scorpion species — and they're just getting started

When Prakrit Jain and Harper Forbes first saw the picture of an unidentified scorpion in the California wilderness, they knew they were looking at something special.

Why this London food bank stayed open during the Queen's funeral

British food bank director Michelle Dornelly says she wasn't about to let hungry people in her community wait all weekend to get much needed groceries.

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September 21, 2022

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'We are suffering,' says Puerto Rican man trying to help after Hurricane Fiona

As the rain keeps falling on Puerto Rico, causing extreme flooding and starting landslides, San Juan lawyer Obed Rojas can’t think of leaving the island. He just wants to help his people.

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This journalist and her friends took a day off in Chicago — Ferris Bueller style

Journalist Leigh Giangreco chronicles a Saturday spent tackling what might seem to be the impossible: taking a day off a la Ferris Bueller.

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If Russia loses its war in Ukraine, Putin's career is over: professor

If Russia is defeated in Ukraine, it will likely spell the end of President Vladimir Putin’s political career, says a Moscow-based professor and outspoken critic of the war. 

Florida governor used families as 'pawns' with Martha's Vineyard stunt: Democrat

Dylan Fernandes says Florida's Republican governor is a "coward" for shipping 48 migrants to a Massachusetts island with no warning or information just to make a point.

A possible new wolf pack in Oregon has conservationists cheering

A new family of wolves has been spotted in Oregon, giving conservationists hope for a species that was once nearly wiped out across the U.S.

Why the Queen's bees needed to be told about her death

Amid all the protocol of the past week surrounding the Queen's death, it turns out it was also important to inform the Queen's bees of her death. Folklorist Mark Norman told As It Happens host Nil Koksal that to not do so could invite 'ill fortune' or 'bad luck.'

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Ukraine's counteroffensive blitz a huge boost to morale, says defence adviser

Ukraine’s recent streak of victories has left Russian troops deeply demoralized, says a Ukrainian defence adviser. 

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