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Montreal family stranded in China during coronavirus lockdown seeks help from Canada

Megan Millward and Lie Zhang say they have no problem being placed under isolation — but they'd rather do it at home with Canadian medical staff on hand.

Angolan journalist vindicated as Luanda Leaks expose alleged corruption he first reported

As a trove of documents reveals the shocking roots of an African billionaire's wealth, journalist Rafael Marquez de Morais says none of it is new. And he should know: he reported on it, when no one seemed to care.

Massive swarms of crop-eating locusts have descended on East Africa. Here's why

Swarms of desert locusts are invading parts of East Africa, destroying hundreds and thousands of acres of crops — and the United Nations says weird weather, complicated geopolitics and war are to blame.

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Jan. 28, 2020

Kobe Bryant's daughter Gianna was his best friend, says L.A. Times columnist

Kobe Bryant loved teaching his 13-year-old girl Gigi all about basketball and believed she would be one of the next great players, says sports writer Arash Markazi.

As It Happuns with Carol Off and Chris Howden

We asked you to send us your best As It Happens puns to welcome longtime show writer Chris Howden to his new job as co-host. Here's what you came up with.

Why this former Harper adviser had a change of heart about supervised injection sites

When Benjamin Perrin worked for Stephen Harper's Conservative government, he says he was blinded by "horrifically immoral" ideology about supervised injection sites. Now he says he's a strong advocate for them.

The As It Happens pun challenge

Watch Carol off and her new As It Happens co-host/resident punmaster Chris Howden play the As It Happens Pun Challenge — inspired by the card game Punderdome.

Super Bowl Saturday? Teen starts petition to change game day for 'bigger party'

A New York teenager started a petition online to move the Super Bowl game to Saturday so fans can party harder and have a full day to recover on Sunday.

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Jan. 27, 2020

Canada will 'speak up' if Flight PS752 investigation isn't accurate, says TSB chair

Canadian investigators will make sure their voices are heard during the investigation into the Ukrainian International Airlines Flight PS752 disaster, says Transportation Safety Board Chair Kathy Fox. 

This baby can't even speak yet — but his cover of AC/DC may leave you speechless too

Matt MacMillan went to great lengths to turn his baby's sounds into a cover of the AC/DC classic Thunderstruck and now his one-year-old son is an online sensation.

The story behind this 'perfect' World Indoor Bowls shot

As Nick Brett got ready to make to make his shot at the pairs final of the World Indoor Bowls Championships on Monday, the crowd laughed at him.

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Jan. 24, 2020

Canadian truck driver who shares last name with Iranian general says he can't cross U.S. border

A Canadian truck driver says he's worried about his livelihood after he was denied entry to the United States by border guards who questioned him about last name — one he happens to share with an executed Iranian general.

What it's like living in Wuhan, a Chinese city on lockdown over coronavirus

The streets should be bustling in Wuhan, one of China's biggest cities, as millions prepare for Lunar New Year celebrations. But the outbreak of coronavirus has turned it into a ghost town. 

Water taxi driver refuses to take reporters to Harry and Meghan's suspected B.C. home

Photographer turned boat captain Miles Arsenault is refusing to take paparazzi to Harry and Meghan's North Saanich, B.C. waterfront home even though he could use the business.

Statue of Félicette, the 1st cat in space, unveiled at International Space University

Félicette, the first cat in space, has finally been honoured with her own statue at the International Space University in France.

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Jan. 23, 2020

Patriotic Millionaires urge the rich to pay 'higher and fairer taxes'

A group of wealthy people, business leaders and investors is calling for "higher and fairer taxes on millionaires and billionaires," as leaders and public figures from around the globe gathered today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

'She didn't deserve it': Gilles Duceppe's family suing seniors' residence where mother died

Former Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe says he's forced to relive his mother's death every day because the luxury seniors' residence where she froze to death has not been held responsible.

Anxiety and fear as China struggles to contain deadly coronavirus

To contain the spread of the coronavirus in China, the government has asked residents of Wuhan — where the outbreak is believed to have originated — not to leave. Transportation to and from the city is being shut down. Meanwhile, the virus has already spread to at least six other countries.

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020

Soaring rates of Indigenous people in prison 'unacceptable,' says federal watchdog

Canada's Correctional Investigator says the percentage of Indigenous people in federal custody has jumped dramatically in the past four years — a trend he describes as 'a national travesty'.

How to make sure a restored Notre-Dame Cathedral gets the acoustics right

A researcher in Paris is working to ensure that those rebuilding Notre-Dame Cathedral listen carefully — not just to arguments about its aesthetics, but also its acoustics.