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The Current

As It Happens host Carol Off interviews The Current's Anna Maria Tremonti

On her final day as host of The Current, Anna Maria Tremonti answer questions about her career at helm of the acclaimed weekday morning current affairs radio show — and discusses what comes next.

How this B.C. artist uses sliced up Air Jordans to connect with his Indigenous roots

Brian Jungen is known for transforming everyday objects extraordinary things, and the iconic basketball shoes are one of his favourite materials to work with.

Police review of Thunder Bay Indigenous deaths 'a big step,' says writer Tanya Talaga

Thunder Bay will review the deaths of nine Indigenous people in the city after a report by Ontario's police watchdog found that racist attitudes by police contributed to inadequate investigations.

Quebec's religious symbols law 'impossible to enforce,' says English school board head

Russell Copeman, the head of the Quebec English School Board Association, says he doesn't think there will be a great deal of co-operation within his schools to enforce the province's religious symbols ban. 

This island in Norway wants to become the world's 1st 'time-free' zone

Kjell Hveding wants to stop time — at least on the small Norwegian island he calls home.

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

June 19, 2019

Why this senator pushed stiffer penalties for violent crimes against Indigenous women

Independent Sen. Lillian Dyck has been pushing for harsher sentences for those who attack Indigenous women — and now the government has agreed to accept those changes in the Criminal Code.

Phoenix man says he built the world's largest coin pyramid out of pennies

Pyramids are testament to heights of human achievement — from the great pyramids at Giza that entombed ancient Egypt's royalty, to the pyramid of a million pennies in Cory Nielsen's garage.

A fish egg hatched after getting eaten and pooped out by a swan

They say the journey is more important than the destination. And if you're a killifish egg, that journey may include being eaten by a swan and travelling through its guts.

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

June 18, 2019

Indian magician who drowned during river escape 'sacrificed his life' for magic: colleague

The body of an Indian magician  Chanchal Lahiri, who was attempting a Houdini-styled stunt in the Ganges River, has been found, according to Indian media.

U.K. police under fire for plan to give blunt knives to domestic abuse survivors

The Nottinghamshire Police is working with victims of domestic abuse or those at risk to replace the sharp knives in their kitchens with blunt-tipped ones in hopes of reducing violent attacks.

'I live with fear,' says Montreal borough mayor whose harasser was acquitted of criminal charges

A judge ruled that although Sue Montgomery was harassed, it didn't meet the criteria for criminality because the Crown could not prove she feared for her safety.

As It Happens: Monday Edition

June 17, 2019

Raptors fan says he might be 'changed as a person' after watching Game 6 up close in Oakland

Toronto actor Ennis Esmer flew to California from Vancouver, where he's shooting a TV show, to watch the game live from the Oracle Arena.

Mysterious, deadly illness plaguing one of Malaysia's last Indigenous nomadic tribes

One of Malaysia's last Indigenous, nomadic communities has been hit with a wave of illness and deaths that nobody has been able to explain — but a doctor who recently visited the tribe says neglect and overdevelopment are to blame.

As It Happens: Friday Edition

June 14, 2019

Degrassi Palooza will be a 'high school reunion' for cast and fans, says Pat Mastroianni

Pat Mastroianni, who played Joey Jeremiah on the series, will be hosting the three-day convention in Toronto.

Profs took aim at dodgeball. Now the head of Dodgeball Canada is fighting back

Education researchers presented a paper calling the sport a tool of "oppression" and "dominance," but Duane Wysynski says dodgeball is a game of teamwork and strategy.

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

June 13, 2019

B.C. woman in 'complete shock' after sex abuse convictions tossed over court delays

It took Jeeti Pooni more than a decade to get justice for her and her sisters, and now she says all her efforts have been undone.

Hong Kong activist goes on hunger strike in the midst of protest crackdown

'It's not transparent. It's not just,' says Minnie Li of the legal system in mainland China, where she grew up. Li and a handful of hunger strikers are speaking out against the proposed new law.

'There's nothing we can do,' says N.L. couple whose flooded cabin floated away

Una Hoyles says her cabin has floated one kilometre away to the the other side of Bottomless Pond in Western Newfoundland.

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

June 12, 2019

ISIS setting fire to crops in Syria and Iraq out of 'cold-blooded revenge,' monitor says

The number of wildfires in Syria and Iraq this year were significantly above and beyond what's expected for this time of year. Now officials and experts confirm the fires have been deliberately set.