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Saudi sisters in Georgia need to go where their family can't follow, says Canadian advocate

When Maha al-Subaie, 28, and Wafaa al-Subaie, 25, flew to the nation of Georgia this week, they turned to an online, global network of Saudi women who help amplify stories like theirs.
CBC News

Jeff Douglas named as new host of CBC Nova Scotia's Mainstreet

After nearly a decade hosting CBC's As It Happens, the Truro, N.S., native is moving back to his home province to host 'Mainstreet' for mainland Nova Scotia.

High Liner Foods confirms captain's makeover with 'trim and a fresh wardrobe'

They say a good makeover accentuates your natural beauty. That was apparently the goal behind Captain High Liner's new look, says the Canadian seafood company.

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

April 18, 2019

The 'last treasure trove' of Kafka's works to be released from Swiss bank vaults

A stash of unpublished works by Franz Kafka may soon see the light of day following a decade-long court battle that can best be described as "Kafkaesque."

Lack of resources, not anti-vaxxers, to blame for Madagascar measles outbreak, says health worker

Peace Corps volunteer Lon Kightlinger says people lined up in the hot sun to get the measles vaccination after deadly outbreak in Madagascar.

San Francisco eyes toll for famously crooked Lombard Street

Longtime Lombard Street resident Greg Brundage says tourists trample the flowers, climb onto his roof and even defecate in his driveway.

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

April 17, 2019

Cherokee inscriptions in Alabama cave describe 'bloodied-nose' sport of stickball

Researchers have translated Cherokee inscriptions from the year 1828 found on the wall and ceiling of a cave in Alabama. They describe a game of stickball, similar to lacrosse, but much more violent.

First reporter inside Notre-Dame finds hope in 'striking image' of cathedral's cross

The first reporter inside the Notre-Dame after the fire tells us that amidst the heavy smoke and damage inside the cathedral, the crucifix stood upright and untouched — an image he'll never forget.

'Sombre moment' as Capital Gazette gets Pulitzer citation for covering shooting in its own newsroom

Being recognized by the Pulitzer Prize committee is one of the greatest honours a journalist can achieve — but for the staff of Maryland's Capital Gazette, it was bittersweet.

'Dude, I need your pants': Why a college student swapped legwear with a stranger

Jake Wolf's decision to wear shorts to school almost cost him his chemistry grade. Then a stranger swooped in to loan him a pair of pants.

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

April 16, 2019

Girl, 5, shot in Christchurch mosque attack awakens from coma unable to see

A five-year-old girl shot during the Christchurch, N.Z., mosque attacks has awoken from a coma, her family says. But she can't see and is barely responsive.

Why a NY Times reporter held back a story on nurse kidnapped by ISIS

The Red Cross breaks its silence about a medical team kidnapped by ISIS in 2013 because they have reason to believe that a New Zealand nurse who was abducted may still be alive.

U.S. not a 'safe country,' says refugee lawyer of Trudeau's proposed asylum law changes

As the Liberal government proposes changes that would see asylum seekers turned back if they have already made claims in the U.S. and some other countries, refugee lawyer Jamie Liew says Canada should trust in the refugee system as it is.

As It Happens: Monday Edition

April 15, 2019

'It's never too late': New Orleans mayor apologizes for 1891 mass lynching of Italian-Americans

The mayor of New Orleans apologized on Friday for the grisly murder of 11 Italian-Americans by a gun-toting mob 128 years ago. 

HBO goes to 'wild' lengths to stop Game of Thrones spoilers from leaking

There's a famous line from the first season of Game of Thrones: "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die."

As It Happens: Friday Edition

April 12, 2019

Whether you like Julian Assange or not, his arrest is a threat to press freedom, says friend

Whatever you think of Julian Assange personally, his arrest is a threat to journalists around the world, says his friend and activist Srećko Horvat.

Convicted Hong Kong protest leaders 'prepared to pay the price,' says ally

The organizers of Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement refused to ask for clemency on Wednesday, instead describing their pride in taking their fight for democracy to the streets.

500-year-old book details massive library curated by Christopher Columbus's son

Five hundred years ago, there existed a library like no other — thousands of volumes collected from around the world by the son of explorer Christopher Columbus.

Veteran reporter saves younger journalist's job by taking voluntary layoff

Amid drastic cuts to the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio, Tom Feran's job was safe. But he agreed to leave his post of 37 years in the hopes of saving the job of a younger colleague. And then he agreed to cover the layoffs for the paper.

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

April 11, 2019