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Canada does not have to 'justify' the Meng extradition decision, says foreign affairs minister

China’s Foreign Ministry is warning the Trudeau government that Canada’s relationship with the country could face what they call “continuous harm,” after a B.C. Supreme Court judge ruled that extradition proceedings against Meng Wanzhou should go-ahead. Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne told As It Happens that Canada does not have to "justify" the ruling.

Torstar chair hopeful papers will hold onto progressive values under new ownership

Torstar, which owns dozens of digital businesses in Canada and publishes more than 70 newspapers including the Toronto Star, has been sold to NordStar Capital for $52 million. John Honderich, chair of Torstar's board, spoke to As It Happens about the decision.

This Swedish restaurant serves one patron at a time, alone in a field, using pulleys

At Rasmus Persson and Linda Karlsson's restaurant, you don't have to order takeout, or wear a mask, or try to stay two metres away from the other patrons — because there are no other patrons.

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

May 28, 2020

Harlequin's new LGBTQ line of romance books 'very empowering,' author says

Harlequin romance novels are a big business but they haven't always been a terribly inclusive one. Author Philip William Stover tells As It Happens about how he is trying to correct this with his new book The Hideaway Inn. 

How a plan to welcome 100 Syrian refugees divided a town and changed one woman's life

A plan to resettle 25 refugee families in Rutland, Vt., pit residents against each other in 2016. The documentary For The Love of Rutland follows that controversy through the lens of Stacie Griffin, a local with a history of opioid addiction, as she grapples with the issue that's tearing her town apart. 

Scathing report on long-term care homes 'a shame, but not a surprise,' says resident's daughter 

Premier Doug Ford called the descriptions of abuse and mismanagement inside Ontario’s long-term care homes “shocking” — but Jacqueline Mitchell wasn’t surprised at all.

Behold the star-tipped reindeer — Canadians' top pick for a national lichen 

Canadians have voted on a national lichen, and they picked a spiky white caribou snack that looks like "little mounds of cauliflower."

Canada Post delivered this man's hair cream 8 years after he ordered it

Elliot Berinstein was surprised when Canada Post delivered a package to his home a few weeks ago. Inside was one tube of Brylcreem he ordered in 2012, when he recalls he was trying to get Don Draper's Mad Men haircut.

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

May 27, 2020

Oxford researchers facing pressure to find COVID-19 vaccine as human trials continue

Oxford researchers are enrolling thousands of people in human trials for their potential COVID-19 vaccine, and the principal investigator says he's never been under so much pressure to perform.

Bolivian orchestra stranded on the grounds of a German castle surrounded by wolves

A prolonged stay on the grounds of a German castle may sound like the stuff of dreams, but the director of the Bolivian orchestra that’s been stuck there since March says the group is still waiting for its fairy tale ending.

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

May 26, 2020

Virginia farmer braces for millions of cicadas, emerging for 1st time in 17 years

It's good news for hungry raccoons and excited entomologists — but bad news for Debbe Noonkester.

As It Happens: Monday Edition

May 25, 2020

Nearly half of coronavirus-related tweets are sent by bots, research finds

Twitter bots are spreading misinformation and fake news about the coronavirus as rapidly as the pandemic has infected the world, U.S. researchers have found. 

The woman who has Elon Musk's old phone number gets calls and texts for him every day

Lyndsay Tucker has been fielding phone calls and text messages for Tesla CEO Elon Musk since she was a teenager.

Mount Everest emerges as pandemic lifts veil of smog from Kathmandu Valley

With air pollution levels down during the pandemic, Kathmandu photographer Abhushan Gautam captured a sight that has been shrouded in the city's smog for nearly 50 years — a clear view of Mount Everest.

As It Happens: Friday Edition

May 22, 2020

From talking pigs to spacelords: The 10 weirdest As It Happens stories of all time

Whether it’s a man who plays classical music on his teeth or a chicken that comes back from the dead, As It Happens is there.

This Montreal teacher is collecting donated computers for his students who can't afford them

Teaching high school over the internet is no easy feat, but it’s especially challenging when your students don’t have computers at home. That’s the reality for Ismaël Seck, a special needs teacher at Lucien-Pagé, a high school that serves mostly low-income neighbourhoods of Montreal.

Why this senator thinks Canadians should start voting at 16

Sen. Marilou McPhedran says she knows a great way to strengthen democracy in Canada — let 16-year-olds vote in federal elections. And she plans on tabling a new bill as soon as parliament returns. 

'What's next?' says Michigan man whose home was flooded after pandemic left him unemployed

More than 11,000 people were forced to flee their central Michigan homes after torrential rains flooded a nearby river and broke two dams.

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

May 21, 2020

Photographer known for staging group nude images in public turns to video chats

For the first time in 25 years, an American photographer known for inspiring massive groups of people to pose nude in public spaces is capturing his subjects apart, in their homes, and sometimes wearing a single article of clothing: a mask.