Alone: A Love Story

Season 2: Chapters 11 - 20

Booze, bad decisions and the monster called Loneliness.

Chapter 11: Hold it Together

Sex, sailboats and a Dark 'n Stormy. I kick off Season 2 with first times and quantum leaps.

Chapter 12: Half-life

Hookup culture, the paradox of choice, Sex in the City and love off the coast of Newfoundland.

Chapter 13: The Saddest Optimist

Princess Leia, engagement rings, part-time parenting and music in the MRI.

Chapter 14: Adrift

Springsteen, my one and done policy, The Bad Ones and an orphan Christmas.

Chapter 15: The New World

Rock Lobster, being Italian, a man in my kitchen and advice from an ex-husband.

Chapter 16: Sidelines

Wasted love, de-extinction, vanishing points, a divorce office and a sure thing.

Chapter 17: The Lonely

Bob Dylan on my old guitar, what lonely feels like and just another tequila cupcake.

Chapter 18: He Exists

Beyoncé versus Sade, begging God for a boyfriend, JT's Mirrors and waiting for elevators.

Chapter 19: So it Goes

U2, unicorns, time quakes, a journey to the red hills and the wisdom of Drew Barrymore.

Chapter 20: Someone Good

Lou Reed's bookend, the curse of the double Scorpio and a serpent eating its own tail.