Alone: A Love Story

Season 2: Trailer

Booze, bad decisions and the monster called Loneliness.
Coming April 4 - Season 2 of Alone: A Love Story. 1:08
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Hey, it's me, Michelle.  On April 4th, I'll have ten new episodes to whisper into your ears.

You'll hear about the spiral of alcohol and men, wild tales about even wilder nights as I try to forge a new life out of grief and bad decisions.

And all while still being maddeningly entwined with The Ex-husband. And yes, I'll tell you a lot more about The Man With the White Shirt too.

No matter how many times love kicks me in the shins, I don't give up on hope. Or on myself.

Stick with me.

About the producers

Alone: A Love Story is written and narrated by Michelle Parise, a CBC producer for the past two decades. The story editor is Veronica Simmonds, a CBC producer and audio artist. The series is mixed and produced by Michelle and Veronica in their hometown of Toronto. Read more →