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Just some of the international acclaim Alone: A Love Story has received. (Michelle Parise)


Michelle Parise, 2017 (Pascal Chiarello)

Michelle Parise is the writer, narrator and co-producer of Alone: A Love Story, a book she began writing in January 2013 and adapted into a CBC podcast in 2017.

The podcast has won multiple international awards and much acclaim from international press.

Alone: A Love Story the book was published by Dundurn Press in May 2020. 

An award-winning journalist, writer and performer, Michelle has worked for the CBC for more than two decades, in news, current affairs, drama, music and at the helm of several national radio programs. For the past decade, she's been the Senior Producer of Spark


Marc Apollonio is the story editor and co-producer of Season 3 of Alone: A Love Story. He's worked in radio since 2006, when he got his first gig with the CBC in Quebec City. Since then, he's worked in newsrooms from Sherbrooke to Saskatoon, as well as on several of the CBC's nationally broadcast current affairs and cultural programs.

Like Michelle, Marc documents instances of his life by writing in a journal or on dirty bits of napkin. Unlike Michelle, Marc's writings are illegible and incoherent and he suffers sharp chest pains at the mere suggestion that anyone would ever see them.




Veronica Simmonds is the story editor and co-producer of the first two seasons of Alone: A Love Story as well as many other notable CBC podcasts. She's an award-winning radio producer whose work has aired in a weather observatory in France, a hair dryer in Pittsburgh and a grain silo in Norway. For many years she produced a curious radio experiment called Braidio where she braided hair on air.