Alone: A Love Storywith Michelle Parisi


Chapter 21 - Courage

A frightening encounter, a beautiful road trip and a new chapter in my life.

Chapter 22 - Variations

Marking time, my territory and my biological clock.

Chapter 23 - In Dreams

PDA in NYC, running in circles and sex as ceasefire.

Chapter 24 - Falling

The edge of despair, The Husband becomes a dandy, and the trouble with truth and trust.

Chapter 25 - Lost

Cold legs, wanderlust and living by the tides.

Chapter 26 - Caution

Carpenter ants, cotton candy and a passionate declaration.

Chapter 27 - Blow Away

Cloud 9, flight school, flying high. Then a sudden change of altitude.

Chapter 28 - Love After Love

Spiderman, a sexy cowboy, and making my way out of the wild, wild wood.

Season 3: Mixtape

The music and the stories about the music in Season 3!

Season 3: Preview

The final season...Wanderlust, getting lost and going home.

Season 2: Chapters 11 - 20

Booze, bad decisions and the monster called Loneliness.

Season 1: Chapters 1 - 10

Love, marriage and life after betrayal.

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Chapter 1: Not if, how

Tarot cards, The Musician vs The Scientist and a crossroads at 39.

Chapter 2: Why not?

The proposal, a wedding DJ named Pino and everything is full of promise.

Chapter 3: The feelings I don't feel

Marriage is awesome, an ultimatum and the happiest look on his face.

Chapter 4: Impossible to see

The baby, the isolation and sudden blindness.

Chapter 5: The bomb

Throwing an ashtray, a suspicious umbrella and ... the end.

Chapter 6: Fallout

A flaming mattress, "moving on" and what Birdie knows.

Chapter 7: Protection

Strength from a stranger, martial law and my friend sets him straight.

Chapter 8: Left and leaving

Moving out, a ghost in my new apartment and post-marital sex.

Chapter 9: Freedom

Freewheeling with my friends vs being a "divorcée" and the superconnectors.

Chapter 10: Forza

A trip to Italy, the world’s BEST water and the forza I’ll need to keep going.

Chapter 11: Hold It Together

Sex, sailboats and a Dark 'n Stormy. I kick off Season 2 with first times and quantum leaps ...

Chapter 12: Half-life

Hookup culture, the paradox of choice, Sex in the City and love off the coast of Newfoundland ...