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Alexandra Kazia is a writer and digital associate producer at CBC Radio following her time at CBC News. She loves ranting, writing, a very lax word count, and converting others to enjoy the same "geeky" things she might. You can find her on Twitter @AlexandraKazia.

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Point of View

Why we need Star Trek — and its progressive values — more than ever

With the new series "Star Trek: Discovery" premiering this weekend, we take a deep dive into why the franchise's values matter.

Watching the World Cup is great in a diverse city like Toronto

Toronto, with its many ethnic enclaves, is a great and unique place to watch the World Cup.

Descendants of former slaves keep black history alive

In rural, southern Ontario, descendants of former slaves and of the those who lived around the time of the Underground Railroad have taken it upon themselves to build the small museums that preserve an important moment in Canadian history.

Black History Month should be about more than the past

As Canada wraps up Black History Month, historians and others are starting to express mixed thoughts on the celebration's effectiveness. But they all agree that the focus on the past should ultimately be a way of looking for a better future.

Cycling website to record Toronto 'dooring' accidents

Police no longer keep track of the number of 'doorings' that happen to cyclists, which has bicycle fans and even the chair of the Toronto Police Services Board calling for a change. In the meantime, one Toronto man is developing an application that will keep track of Toronto cyclists hit by opening car doors.

Simcoe Day: Canada's roots in slavery and the historic abolition

Toronto's name for the August civic holiday not only celebrates Upper Canada's first lieutenant governor but also relates to one of the country's biggest cultural festivals and the abolishment of slavery.

Offshore outsourcing 'not always a negative thing'

Following the controversy over the Royal Bank of Canada's outsourcing of jobs, some business experts and entrepreneurs are making a case for the practice, saying that increasing profit immediately by going off shore could lead to more Canadian jobs in the long term.

4 myths about common-law relationships

A recent ruling in B.C. that grants common-law partners the same fundamental rights as married couples after two years of cohabitation has cast a light on how common-law couples are treated in other provinces. Here's a look at some of the biggest misconceptions.

Justin Bieber's antics, a sign of the crushing power of fame?

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber's string of recent antics may mean that the singer, who seemed to have a pretty clean reputation, is finally succumbing to the pressures of fame.

What's the 411 on Canada's new area codes?

Canadians are getting a few new area codes to meet increasing demand motivated by population growth and a boom in wireless technology. Here are five things you may not know about area codes.

Hamilton flag designer represents Canada at Jubilee regatta

Retired bishop Ralph Spence of Hamilton, Ont., is a noted expert in designing flags and coats of arms. He's met the Queen on more than one occasion and was invited to London for the Diamond Jubilee festivities.

Diamond Jubilee a chance for youth to honour Canada's Queen

In the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year, a group of young monarchists is out to prove that allegiance to the Crown isn't all "tea and corgis."