2019 is here — here are 5 ideas to make it the best year ever

From to-don’ts to trusting your gut, CBC Radio has ideas to inspire you

From to-don’ts to trusting your gut, CBC Radio has ideas to inspire you

These five stories and interviews from CBC Radio will help you start 2019 off on the right foot. (Ben Shannon/CBC)

Well, friends, it's 2019. Time to dust off the exercise equipment, re-install those goal tracking apps, and commit to something you'll definitely (probably, maybe) follow through on.

If you're looking for a bit of a nudge to get the year started off right, or need some fresh ideas, here are some ideas from guests and stories featured last year on CBC Radio.

Write it down

When Tom Howell was clearing out a spare room for his girlfriend to move in, he stumbled upon two decades of to-do lists.

That inspired him to find out why he's so "bad" at writing to-do lists — and he's sharing his findings with you.

Read Howell's tips on how to get stuff done, and listen to The Doc Project's The Hopeless Mountain.

The pile of unfinished to-do lists has been dubbed "Hopeless Mountain." (Submitted by Linda Besner)

Believe in yourself

You know when you get that feeling in your belly that something's off — or exactly as it should be — and you ignore it? Maybe you shouldn't.

CBC Podcasts' pint-sized philosopher Tai Poole, the host of Tai Asks Why, talked to some experts about that "gut feeling." Turns out there might be more to it than you expect.

Listen to Should We Trust Our Gut? from CBC original podcast Tai Asks Why.

Tai Poole is trying to find answers to life's biggest questions. (Yasmine Mathurin/CBC)

Get 'er done

You've always wanted to take that leap, but you've been putting it off. How come?

Take Colin MacAdam, for example. He spent three decades uncovering a massive mound of Canadian Shield granite — Leviathan, as it's known — during trips to the cottage.

Why? For one thing, he loves to dig. Hear why in Colin's Rock from The Doc Project's Veronica Simmonds.

Colin MacAdam rests on "Leviathan," the gigantic rock he's spent decades uncovering. (Veronica Simmonds/CBC)

Find a passion

Thelma Pepper didn't take up photography until her kids left home, yet she's published four books of photography and exhibited her work.

The now 98-year-old captured the lives of "ordinary women" in Saskatchewan over decades and has been celebrated for her work.

Listen to Pepper's story by David Gutnick from CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition.

Photographer Thelma Pepper, 99, lives in a light-filled room in a senior's residence in Saskatoon, surrounded by binders that contain thousands of her photos. (David Gutnick/CBC)

Learn something new

Even if school isn't in the cards for 2019, never stop learning. Charmian Bland didn't.

For her 50th birthday, she wrote down 50 things she wanted to study, try or do. Among them: learn falconry and the bagpipes.

Now, with the suggestions of friends, the list has grown to 90 ideas, and she's still working on them.

Check out the list, and hear how Bland is making her "50 at 50" happen from Now or Never.

Learning how to scuba dive was at the top of Bland's 50 at 50 list. (Submitted by Charmian Bland)

What tips will you carry into the New Year? Tell us in the comments below!


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