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Voter Panel: August 2012 Archives

Voter Panel: Eastern Townships

As the election campaign rounds down, we check in with our voter panel in the Eastern Townships. Heather Darch, Gerry Moar and Michael Smith join us by phone to share their thoughts.

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Checking in with our Eastern Quebec Voter Panel

All this week on Quebec AM, we'll be checking in with the members of our regional voter panels to see how the campaign is shaping their views. This morning we head back to Eastern Quebec.

Paul Rowsell owns a depanneur in Harrington Harbor. Brad McDonald is a small business owner in Gaspé. And Mochira Atallah is a social worker in a women's center in Rimouski and is currently on maternity leave.

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Voter Panel: Capitale Nationale

IMG_0582.JPGAll of the parties are jockeying for position to see who will end up occupying the seats at the National Assembly in Quebec City come September. We've invited a panel of voters from the capital region to see how they feel about the election so far.

Taylor Ireland owns a language school, Les Ateliers de conversation anglaise, and lives in the La-Peltrie riding.

Diane Kameen works in communication at Jeffrey Hale Community Services and lives in the riding of Louis-Hébert.

And Olivier Poulin is the director of GLBT Québec, and the organizer of the upcoming Fête Arc en Ciel. He's here today in his capacity as a voter in the riding of Taschereau.

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