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Voter Panel

Townships voters react

Over the course of the campaign, we heard from voters in different regions, as they expressed their hopes and preferences. This morning, we check in with them again, as they digest this unequivocal Liberal victory.

Reaction from the Townships this morning comes from Michael Smith, owner of a small family farm near Stanstead. We also hear from Eric Poirier, a Masters Student in Law at Sherbrooke University.
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Riding of Sherbrooke, results here

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Voter Panel: Northwestern Quebec

After a weekend of last-minute, frantic campaigning by the leaders, our voters' panel from the northwest will share their thoughts on how the parties and their candidates have performed.

Stéphane Grenier is the Director of the social work program at the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Michelle Desrossiers is a funeral director in Rouyn. Salomé McKenzie is the Chief of the Lac Simon Algonquin community. Dr. Louis Bellemare is the President of the Quebec Orthopedic Association.
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Voter Panel: Eastern Townships

As the election campaign rounds down, we check in with our voter panel in the Eastern Townships. Heather Darch, Gerry Moar and Michael Smith join us by phone to share their thoughts.

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