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The Gaspé: August 2013 Archives

Via rail closing its Matapedia-New Carlisle- Gaspé route've been hearing on the news that Via-Rail is suspending connections on its Matapedia -New Carlisle - Gaspé route. This comes after services were disrupted two weeks ago, when the Société de Chemins de Fer de la Gaspésie had to close part of the rail line. That was because of erosion found on the tracks and switching equipment at level crossings. But, Via Rail has now announced it is suspending its activities indefinitely.

And as of September 17th, the suspension also applies to the bus service that's replaced cancelled trains. Jacques Gagnon, Via's Senior Manager of media relations says the company is suspending this bus service, even though the train closure is only supposed to be temporary.

We spoke to Jacques Gagnon, and Cynthia Patterson who is part of a group working to save train service in the Gaspe

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Researchers concerned about gannet population

GANNET.jpgGannets, the big white marine birds that nest on Bonaventure Island, have had trouble finding food and reproducing in recent years. Researchers studying these gannets on Bonaventure Island have reason to believe that a major oil spill has had an impact on the food chain, causing some of these problems. 

CBC's Marika Wheeler was in the Gaspé earlier this summer, where she met met researcher Yannick Sayer and spotted the birds. Here, she speaks with eco-toxicologist Lynn Miller. Visit our Facebook page for more photos of the iconic birds.

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