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The Gaspé: April 2013 Archives

Beaver Dam Memorial

beaver dam bridge.jpgIt was nearly 50 years ago on an early morning in the Gaspé, when tragedy struck.

A group of men were driving along the mine road between Gaspé and Murdochville on their way to work at Gaspé Copper. What they didn't know was that flood waters had washed out the Beaver Dam Bridge. Their cars plunged into the water. Six men died, four survived.

Irvin Lévesque lost his father and uncle that day. He is organizing a memorial for the six victims (Lionel Lévesque, Wilson Cotton, Herman Simon, Hubert Patterson, Robert McKoy, Melrose Miller) and four survivors (Dean Patterson, Wayne Miller, Gordon Palmer and Tommy Nelson).

He joined host Susan Campbell in studio this week.

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