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The Empress of Ireland

Generations reflect on the Empress of Ireland

mw Empress.jpgOur Marika Wheeler has been in Rimouski this week, meeting some of those who are direct descendants of those who perished when the Empress of Ireland sank 100 years ago. Pictured left, Joe and Michael Saward speak with Alf Hestenes. Hestens is Thomas Anderson's grandson, the captain of the Storsted, the collier that broadsided the Empress of Ireland in 1914. The Sawards are descendants of the Henry George Kendall, the captain of the Empress. Marika Wheeler spoke with them about what this anniversary means to them. Listen here.

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The Empress of Ireland: 100 years later

100 years ago today, people on the shores of the St-Lawrence river near Rimouski were in shock. One of the worst Canadian shipwrecks had happened over night: The Empress of Ireland sank, and over a thousand people died. That wreck is being commemorated in Rimouski this week, and our Marika Wheeler is there. She brings us the stories of some of the people she met at the commemoration dinner that took place Wednesday night, and why this anniversary is so important. Listen here

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Harrowing tale of love almost lost

When the Empress of Ireland sunk in the Saint Lawrence over 100 years ago, the maritime disaster embedded itself in the family trees of generations to come. Like the the Greenaway family. Their grandparents and great uncle were on board when the Empress was broadsided by a coal ship. Three sisters - Denise Reynolds, Nancy Greenaway and Laura-Jane Labate - recount their grandparents' harrowing tale. Listen here.

You can read Margaret's typewritten letter online here.