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Unplugged in Bonaventure

160 students from Secondary 3 to 5 from all over the province doing something few teenagers are willing to even consider. For the next 36 hours, they will not be allowed to use technology. No computer, no cell phone, no pods: they all get left at home.

They're participants in the Provincial Leadership Conference where the theme this year is "Unplugged."

Alice Dell is the principal of Bonaventure Polyvalente School and helped organize this weekend's events. 

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Drinking water from salty seawater using energy from the ocean's waves

Rendu bleu.JPGAccording to some estimates, two billion people on earth do not have access to sufficient drinking water on a daily basis. The irony is 60% of the earth's population actually live near the sea. So wouldn't the ultimate solution to the drinking water deficit be to find a way to turn some of that SALT water into potable water?

A group of students in the mechanical engineering program at Université de Sherbrooke think they've come up with a machine that can do that. Their project is called Projet Odyssée.

Equipe_Odyssee2_low_res.jpgDragan Tutic is part of this group of students and he joined me on the phone this morning live from Singapore (poor phone quality).

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Quebec standing by its CR mammography machines that Ontario announced would replace

mammogram-cbc.jpgA study published this week in the medical journal Radiology showed that two technologies( X-rays and direct radiology) identified breast cancers 20 per cent more effectively than another digital technology called computed radiology or CR. That prompted the Ontario government to announce it would replace its CR machines.

But, Quebec is standing by the technology which is used in three-quarters of the province's mammography machines. Dr. André Constantin joined us on the line this morning. He's the president of Quebec's Association of Radiologists.

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