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Connecting new Quebecers through sport

Several recent studies have cited sport as a key driver of integration for immigrants, especially school-age immigrants. But that's not surprising to Motivaction Jeunesse, which has been operating on that assumption for more than a decade. They recently finished a six-day-long cycling trip around Lac St-Jean with 60 youth and 12 adults. For most of the youth participants, it was their first time in a rural area. For many, it was a life-changing experience. Listen here. 

Karine Sergerie on the fight of her life

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Karine Sergerie was the first Canadian female World Champion in taekwando, winning a silver medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. But the glory of the podium was overshadowed by personal trials and tribulations that were taking a huge emotional toll on the young woman. Depression, anxiety, and a sense of never being quite good enough in the eyes of her coach - and father - were some of the factors that weighed in to Karine Sergerie's decision to retire from competition. The former Olympian joined Susan in studio to talk about this difficult decision, and where she's headed next. Listen here.

Field issues dog Sherbrooke soccer clubs

soccer.jpgSome of Sherbrooke's soccer clubs say their playing fields have been in terrible shape for years - and they are fed up the city hasn't been doing more to fix the problem. Many of the clubs' leaders have even quite over the issue. Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette spoke with several of the local clubs, and some of Sherbrooke's elected officials, to find out more. Listen here.