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Sochi Olympics

Three SAA alumni in Sochi

saa.jpgSte-Agathe Academy is a small public school, with only about 140 students in the high school.  Yet, three members of its alumni are at the Sochi games.  Marika Wheeler finds out what the school has to do to make sure they succeed academically as well as in their sport.
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Celebrating the art of curling

johnmonroe.jpgDoes curling get its due as a winter sport here in Quebec? John Monroe, curling statistician for Sochi Olympics, keen curler, weighs in.
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From Football to Bobsledding: Sam Giguère

giguere-samuel-05395188.jpgWhy in the world would someone who plays professional football want to spend his off-months racing down an icy course in a little bullet-shaped wagon? Sam Giguère, wide receiver for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, was named to Canada's Olympic bobsled team this week. He joined Susan to answer that question, in addition to telling us why his bosses and mom are slightly less enthusiastic about his love of bobsledding, than they are of his football career.
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