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Quebec's travelling journalist: April 2014 Archives

Revisiting the Journey of Nishiyuu

The Journey of Nishiyuu was a life-changing experience not only for the handful of young Cree people who set out from their community to head towards Parliament Hill, but for the people watching around the world. Quebec's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler visited Whapmagoostui this spring, a year after what became known as the Journey of Nishyuu, to find out how that walk changed the lives of the people involved. 

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When a group of young Cree set out on their journey in January, on foot, ready to weather the elements like their ancestors had generations before them, few thought they'd ever reach their goal.

But they did.

After walking 1,600 kilometers, from their village of Whapmagstooui, those young men and their guide walked into Ottawa and on to Parliament Hill at the end of March. Their journey had captured the attention of people all over the world. By the time they arrived their little group had grown to nearly 300 aboriginal youth...
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The Journey of the Nishiyuu didn't only redirect the life of the young man who started it... It also prompted his nation to rethink how they use traditional healing in the modern world. We find out what it was like for the Nishiyuu walkers once they got home to the village of Whapmagstooui, where it all started.

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Visit CBC Aboriginal's website for photos and videos.

Training for forestry industry jobs in Lac-Saint-Jean

Guaranteed jobs in the foresty industry sound as though they would be hard to come by, but a new CEGEP program in the Lac-Saint-Jean region says that's what you'll get if you take their 1-year course. Our travelling journalist Marika Wheeler bring us the details.
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Quebec Votes 2014: Couillard's fight for Roberval

couillard_office.jpgPhilippe Couillard has a tough battle in front of him to win the Roberval riding in the Lac-St-Jean area, that has been a Parti Québécois stronghold for several years.

Our travelling journalist Marika Wheeler met with voters to find out if the luster of having a possible Premier as their MNA is enough to sway voters.

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