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Quebec's travelling journalist: September 2013 Archives

Town of Percé to take over wharf

Bruno Cloutier.jpgBack in the spring, we had a dramatic conversation with the mayor of Percé, who, after months of petitioning the federal government for money for repairs to the town's wharf, had just discovered a barrier had been erected at the wharf's entry.

The wharf was in bad shape, and Fisheries & Oceans had decided to ban access for security reasons. The town's mayor Bruno Cloutier was frustrated with the situation, and said he would go knock down the barrier himself with a backhoe.

There's been a recent development in this story. Mayor Cloutier dropped by our studios the mayor himself, who was town for a meeting of Quebec municipalities.

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School routine helps families deal with trauma in Lac-Mégantic

Poulin-Villemaire.JPGThe back-to-school routine has helped some families in Lac-Mégantic regain a somewhat normal life. The CBC's Marika Wheeler introduces us to the Poulin-Villemaire family. We find out what life has been like for them since the disaster.

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The business of re-opening businesses

Part of getting life back to normal in Lac-Mégantic is re-opening businesses. But for some, that isn't an easy task. Some owners say they're having a hard time getting compensation for their lost business.

Quebec's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler brings us this report on how business owners and their clientele are dealing with the continuing uncertainty.
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