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Quebec's travelling journalist: March 2012 Archives

A specialty store for big-footed folks

Abitibi 013.jpgPeople who have big feet know that shopping for shoes can be a pain. Quebec's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler brings us a conversation with David Dubois, who's founded a store specialized in big shoes.

He's got a storefront near Montreal, but every once in a while he packs a trailer with his inventory and travels to the far corners of the province. Marika met up with him on a recent trip to Rouyn-Noranda. Here, he describes why finding shoes that fits really matters.

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Draining agricultural land in north-western Quebec

Abitibi 061 DRAINAGE.JPGFarmers in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue say they fall behind the rest of the province when it comes to draining agricultural land. The CBC's Marika Wheeler was in the region and found out about a proposed $100-million project to keep the region's farmers competitive in their industry.

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