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Quebec's travelling journalist: February 2012 Archives

Concerns about the police presence in St. Augustin

Some people in St-Augustine have questions about the level of security in town. CBC's Marika Wheeler is back with more information on the police presence in town. 
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Sept Iles McDonald's staffed by Filipino employees

Sept-Iles 012.JPGThis story originally aired on Breakaway: A labour shortage in Sept Iles has prompted the owner of the local McDonald's to look for workers overseas. The CBC's Marika Wheeler stopped by the fast food restaurant where Filipino employees are keeping the orders rolling.
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Some people in St. Augustin question spending for Highway 138 extension project

IMG_0965.JPGWe continue our coverage of St-Augustine this morning. Today we address issues some people have with the way money is being spent on the bridge. Quebece's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler brings us some answers from Junior Minister Norm McMillan.

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