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Quebec Votes 2014

Frédéric Bastien on future of the Parti Québécois

Such a crushing defeat, and now, an unpredictable future. The Parti Québécois is looking for answers, for scapegoats, and soon a new leader. Historian and political scientist Frédéric Bastien followed the campaign closely, and weighs in on the Parti Québécois' future.
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Long-lasting impact of proposed Charter of Values

The Marois government is out, and along with it, its proposed charter of values. While its most controversial provisions will never become law, the whole debate has left a mark. Rémi Bourget helped create Québec Inclusif, a non-partisan group opposed to the Charter. He joins us for a look at how it might change how we deal with diversity.

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Quebec Votes 2014: Results in the Townships

Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette has had her ear to the ground over the course of this election campaign, taking a close look at some of the races in ridings in the region. Election night was no exception, and she shares stories from the winners and losers. 
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Riding of Sherbrooke, results here.
Riding of Saint-Francois, results here.
Riding of Richmond, results here.

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