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The Big Issue: Plan Nord and the Economy

Fermont 023.jpgBig Issue: the economy and the Plan Nord. The Parti Liberal du Québec candidates say the Plan Nord is the key to Quebec's economic future. But just how receptive are voters to that vision? Natural Resources Minister and Liberal candidate in Taschereau, Clément Gignac joined us for a feature interview.

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Some First Nations and Inuit people say they do not share the vision of the North as an economic engine, based on mining.

With the Plan Nord on the horizon, mining is expected to make up the lion's share of the economy in those Northern communities. We start off part two of our interview with some of Algonquin rapper Samian's song "Plan Nord" for Clément Gignac.

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While several environmental groups and political parties have criticized and opposed the Plan Nord, the plan has supporters. Jean-Marc Lulin is president of the Quebec Mining Exploration Association

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We also wanted to hear what candidates across the province think about this question. We convened a candidate panel to talk about the Plan Nord and the ecomomy. Marie-Ève Bédard, is the Liberal candidate in the riding of Chauveau. Johanne Lapointe is the CAQ candidate in the riding of Jean LesageYves-François Blanchet, is the incumbent PQ candidate in the riding of Johnson. Bill Clennett, is the Quebec Solidaire candidate for Hull.

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This past year, Quebec AM explored several issues involving Inuit people and development in Nunavik. See our Northern Futures series.

Check out our party platform navigator on CBC's Quebec Votes page, where you can see where each of the main parties stands on the Plan Nord, mining and the economy.