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Quebec City: May 2013 Archives

Plant to transform animal carcasses into clean energy company on Quebec City's south shore will be the first of its kind in North America to turn animal remains coming from slaughterhouses, into clean energy. Sanimax transforms organic material into consumer products, and now has it's very own biomass boiler.  
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Surviving grief with La Marche des Perséïdes

Courant-Ouellet.jpgEvery second Sunday in May, most people in Quebec celebrate Mother's Day. But, for a small group of parents, the day is one for remembering a child. One that died too early, still in the womb, or just days after leaving it. Sometimes their rooms are ready to welcome them, their names are picked out, and always, they have parents who have been dreaming of meeting them.
La Marche des Perséides in Quebec City brings those parents together, in public, once a year to remind others of their loss. Here are parents Sabrina Courant and Stéphane Ouellet, who lost a daughter Myriam, a day before Sabrina was due to deliver.
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Quebec City vaccine candidate to treat new strain of influenza

A particularly lethal new influenza strain is raising the alarm in China. No human cases have been detected outside of the country, but that's not stopping researchers and scientists around the world from working on a new vaccine.

One new vaccine, a VLP (virus-like particle) has been developped here in Quebec City. Medicago is the biopharmaceutical company behind this and their president and CEO Andy Sheldon joins us now with more.

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