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Quebec City

Quebec City to host Comiccon

20140807_080446.jpgThe well-known convention for science fiction lovers Comiccon is coming to Quebec City for the first time ever. Program director Cliff Caporale tells us what's in store when the event rolls in on October 25th and 26th. Listen here.

Faubourg St-Jean-Baptiste celebrates locally grown food

According to most producers at the St-Jean-Baptiste farmer's market in Quebec City, more and more consumers want fresh local produce. Those same consumers also love getting to meet and speak with the people who grew their carrots, kale, and coriander. 

Our Julia Page went down to the market on a sunny Sunday afternoon, as farmers were packed up their produce after a long day of picking, driving, marketing and entertaining customers. Listen here.

Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph celebrates 250 years

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The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph holds the distinction of being North America's oldest newspaper, and this week, it celebrates its 250th anniversary. Bethann Merkle gives us the scoop on what the paper has planned. Listen here.

Stay tuned to Breakaway for more on the special events planned throughout the coming week.