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Employment Insurance

Quebec government's new National Review Commission criticized

The Parti Québécois government's new National Review Commission aims to find out how Ottawa's employment insurance reforms will affect Quebecers. Some are saying that the 1.5$ million dollars would be better spent elsewhere. Gaétan Cousineau is the coordinator of an unemployment action committee in the Gaspé that has been documenting the impacts for months.
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Changes to federal jobs and skill training questioned

The federal budget announced last week promised millions for job and skills training on-reserve. The catch: First Nations youth who receive income assistance must be enrolled in that skills training, or they lose that social aid. Catherine Johnson, director general of the Mi'kmaq of Gesgapegiag band council, tells us why she thinks this is a slippery slope and not a solution to youth unemployment in her community.
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Liberal MP urges government to reverse EI changes

On August 5th, the federal government implemented a key element of its package of controversial reforms to the Employment Insurance program. The "Working While on Claim" project promised to allow EI recipients to keep more of the money they earned while working part-time.

But some people are getting less money than before.

Wayne Easter, the Liberal MP from Malpeque, PEI, submitted six real cases for analysis to the non-partisan Parliamentary Information and Research Service, a service available to all MPs. Susan speaks with Easter about the results of that report.

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