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Political Panel with Rhéal Séguin and Gilbert Lavoie: September 2011 Archives

Political Panel

Before his much anticipated discussion with the parliamentary commission Tuesday, Jacques Duchesneau was a guest on Radio-Canada's talk show Tout le Monde en Parle Sunday night.
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Political Panel reacts to anti-collusion report

Our political panel joins us to discuss the potential fallout from the anti-collusion report. What will the Liberals decide to do in the face of calls for public inquiry? Is the risk of not calling one potentially greater than doing so? Rheal Seguin and Gilbert Savoie discuss with Susan.

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Quebec AM's Political Panel

Quebec AM's Political Panel is officially back in studio after the summer break. Rhéal Séguin and Gilbert Lavoie take the time to discuss everything from Yves Bolduc stepping in as Minister responsible for Eastern Quebec to what's in store for Quebec with a Conservative majority government.

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