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Oil in the Gaspé: June 2014 Archives

Junex's pilot project for shale gas exploration

Four years after shale gas exploration in the St. Lawrence River valley came to a screeching halt, there are definite signs of renewed interest. The government's environmental review board, the BAPE, has just completed public hearings and will file recommendations by the end of the year.

Quebec exploration company Junex presented its ideas last week. President Peter Dorrins explains their pilot project meant to demonstrate that drilling for shale gas can be done properly.

Environment minister David Heurtel on oil and gas development

Quebec's new Environment minister David Heurtel and his cabinet colleague outlined their plan for dealing with the many oil & gas issues in this province, from the Haldimand project in Gaspé to the shale gas lands in the St. Lawrence river valley. Susan puts some of those hard question Minister Heurtel about some of those issues. Listen here