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Oil in the Gaspé: February 2014 Archives

Quebec's approaches to hydrocarbons

Last week, Quebec decided to put its money into oil exploration on Anticosti. This week, it's sticking with its plan to block shale gas exploration in the St. Lawrence river valley. The President of Questerre Energy, Michael Binnion, joins us to explain how these developments are being received by the oil and gas industry.
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Quebec governments gets into the oil exploration business

Premier Marois announced the big news yesterday, saying it was time to answer the question: is there oil and gas there we can exploit? It will cost taxpayers as much as 115 million dollars to find out.

Petrolia and Corridor own many of the current permits for exploration of Anticosti, but they've agreed to cut the government in and join the newly-formed consortium. Myron Tétreault is the Chief Executive Officer of Petrolia and the Chairman of the Board.

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Drilling permitted at Petrolia's Haldimand site

haldimand.jpgThe city of Gaspé does not have the right to prevent an oil company from drilling close to drinking water supplies. Earlier this week, Quebec superior Court ruled that Petrolia can continue drilling at its Haldimand site in Gaspé. 

Lise Chartrand is a Gaspé resident and spokesperson for the Committee For a Sustainable Future in Greater Gaspe. She joined us to share her reaction to this latest development. We also hear from MNA Amir Khadir. 
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