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Social media to help young voters get involved in Cree elections

JoshuaIserhoff.jpgThere will be a second round of voting for the position of Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief of the Cree Nation. Elections were held on Monday, but no candidate got the the 50% +1 of the vote needed to win. Plus, the results were delayed because of a telecommunications outage in a number of Cree communities. Incumbant Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come got 49 per cent of the vote. That means he will take on the current Deputy Chief Ashley Iserhoff in the second round, Iserhoff got 34 per cent in round one.

An important issue in this election for many observers was the turnout of young Cree voters. To discuss all this, Youth Grand Chief of the Cree Nation Youth Council, Joshua Iserhoff joined host Shawn Lyons.

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