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North Shore

Proposed floating liquidied gas terminal on St.Lawrence River

T_FLNG_Render_Hoegh03.jpgA Norwegian company wants to convince the Quebec governement that a floating liquified natural gas terminal near Sept-Îles could provide a cheaper and cleaner energy source to the region's industries, replacing diesel.

The chief executive officer of Höegh F-LNG, Øivin Iversen, explains how it works and why he thinks it's a good option.


Territoires magnétique: Artists celebrate their home

christinedufour.jpgA new exhibition on display at the Musée Régional de la Côte Nord is all about... you guessed it... the North Shore. It's called Territoire Magnétique, and brings together art from seven visual artists who live and work in the region. One of them is Christine Dufour, who also co-curated the exhibition. Originally born in Montreal, Christine told our Julia Caron what brought her to the North Shore, and how if influences her work. She also describes some of the pieces on display, and you can see photos online here.
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One Quebec construction worker's conundrum

Stay or Go: it's not just a question some Quebeckers have been asking themselves, it's a question we've put out to you. When asked you via our Facebook pagewe were particularly struck by this message we received from Allen Bilodeau: "I'm leaving because the Quebec construction industry has no morals, values, or pride and the codes might as well have been written on toilet paper..."

Bilodeau is a carpenter from Old Fort Bay on the Lower North Shore, and he joins me now on the line from his new home in Northern Newfoundland.
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