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Quebec AM along the Baie des Chaleurs

In late January, Quebec AM left behind their regular digs in Quebec City and hit the road for a special remote broadcast in the Gaspé. Four members of our team were in the Baie des Chaleurs region for a few days, meeting people and learning about what it means to be an anglophone in that part of Quebec. Here are some of their stories:

Former principals of NCHS reflect on 100 year history of the school
New Carlisle High School is celebrating it's hundred year anniversary. Lynden Berchervaise is a former principal of the school and he's organizing events to celebrate the centennial of the school this year. Wade Gifford is also a former principal of New Carlisle High School and the current organizer of Centennial Golf Tournament for the NCHS Reunion. In fact, Wade has been a principal at many schools across the region, and probably knows most people along the coast. They join us to share some of their memories of the school.
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Challenges of becoming bilingual in the Baie des Chaleurs
One of the challenges for anyone growing up as an anglophone in Quebec, is the challenge of becoming bilingual and every student comes from a different starting place. Kim Garritty has been looking into the ways students are learning French at New Carlisle High School, as well as across the region.
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Howl at the Moon
Every month on the full moon, a group of women meet at the lounge of the Maison Blanche. That's where you can see the moon over the water... and where they get a chance to have one night together to catch up and share a drink. Loretta Noel joined us to explain what they get up to once a month.
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Falling head over heels for the Baie des Chaleurs region
They were once strangers in a strange land, but are now proud to call the Baie des Chaleurs their home. We met two people who moved to the region for love, and ended up falling head over heels for the region as well. Shino Muraki is a stay at home mom, who also teaches origami. Carolyn Taylor is a mother as well, and works as a project coordinator for the Gaspesian Village.
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Building cross-cultural friendships through team sports
davefelker.jpgThe Super Bowl is getting all the attention, but for building community spirit and cross-cultural friendships, there's nothing quite like the juvenile football team, le Carcajou de la Baie des Chaleurs. David Felker tells CBC's Glenn Wanamaker how the brotherhood of football brings together anglo, franco and Mi'kmaq kids along the Baie des Chaleurs.
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More stories to be added shortly! Stay tuned.