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Municipal elections

Bernard Sévigny re-elected mayor of Sherbrooke

He's got some plans for downsizing the administration, cutting councillor positions, and the number of boroughs. Bernard Sévigny was relentless on the campaign trail, en route to another term as mayor in Sherbrooke. Susan Campbell asks him about what this new mandate means for his city. 
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Residents opposed to possible merger of Sherbrooke boroughs

If re-elected on Sunday, Sherbrooke mayor Bernard Sévigny plans to centralize more of the city's services and reduce the number of boroughs from six to four. Residents in Brompton, that would become a district of the city if this merger occurs, are upset about this plan. And though Lennoxville would maintain its status, citizens are worried of the precedent this may have on the town's configuration. Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette met with residents, as well as Lennoxville borough President David Price.

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Citizens in New Richmond frustrated over closed down bridge

closed bridge new richmond_Photo Marika Wheeler.JPGThe bridge on the fourth range in New Richmond has been closed down for over two and a half years. People who live in that area say the ten minute detour makes transportation a hassle, and want the problem solved. The CBC's Marika Wheeler explains how this has become an election issue for the town.

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