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Lawyer calls on reform of court martial system

The military trial of Warrant Officer André Gagnon continues today in Quebec City. Gagnon is being court martialed for allegedly sexually assaulting former corporal Stéphanie Raymond. 
Raymond's lawyer, Michel Drapeau, says cases like this should not be held in a court martial, and argues the system needs to be reformed entirely. Listen here. 

Healing nature retreat for veterans in Quebec

The Wounded Warrior Project organizes a handful of different physical activities for veterans returning from combat zone. The group will bring together 55 Canadian veterans and their family members in Lac-Delage this weekend. The retreat is the first of its kind in Quebec and the fifth in Canada. Dan Fontaine and Gervais Jeffrey are two of the organizers of this event and joined us in studio.

More than 50 veterans and their families came together this weekend for a retreat at Lac Delage. Our reporter Catou MacKinnon was there, and spoke with Retired Brigadier-General Christian Barabé, former base commander at Valcartier, and now regional director of Wounded Warriors. Listen here.

Inquiry into deadly 1974 explosion at CFB Valcartier

Forty years after the tragic incident, there will be a formal inquiry into the deaths of six cadets at the Valcartier military base. Military ombudsman Gary Walbourne confirmed the inquiry, after getting the go-ahead from the minister of national defence. Gerry Fostaty wrote a book about the tragedy, called "As You Were: the Tragedy of Valcartier." He tells Susan what this inquiry represents.
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