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Lower North Shore: May 2014 Archives

Lack of dentists in Quebec's regions

If you live outside of the Quebec City, Montreal, or Townships areas, the following fac won't come as a surprise: There aren't nearly enough dentists in this province's regions. As a matter of fact, 35% of Quebec's population has no dental care at all. The province's Order of Dentists says it's time the government give the issue priority as a question of public health.

Dr. Peter White is one of those rare regional dentists, his practice is in New Richmond on the Gaspe coast. He is the vice-president of the Quebec Order of Dentists.

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Long winter delays Lower North Shore fishing season

The coldest winter in 20 years has pushed back the fishing season by four weeks on the Lower North Shore. The region's fishing Association is asking the federal government to step in and support the hundreds of workers who haven't been able to get to work yet. Paul Nadeau is the Association's executive director, and tells us more.
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