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Lower North Shore: November 2013 Archives

Blanc Sablon man making room at the inn for Filipino Family

GaryLandry.jpgGary Landry is from Blanc Sablon, but spent three years living in the Philippines, where he met his wife Sheila Anne de Guzman. They started making their life together in the small Lower North Shore community, but remained connected with their family in Tacloban. Unfortunately, that was the region hit hardest by Typhoon Haiyan. Now, the couple wants to bring the whole family... all 14 members... home to Blanc-Sablon. Gary joins us to talk about the hurdles ahead in their hopes for a new start.

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Havre-Saint-Pierre: Help Wanted

A new study released by Quebec's Public Health Institute examines the impact the Romaine power project has had on the community of Havre-Saint-Pierre, on the Lower North Shore. The study indicates an increase in wait times at the local emergency clinic, lack of affordable housing and a shortage of employees for local businesses and organizations.

Pascal-Simon Audet is the General Manager of the Coopérative de Solidarité d'aide à domicile de la Minganie, a non-profit organization in Havre-Saint-Pierre that offers housekeeping services and support to elderly people in the region. He says organizations like his can't compete with the high-paying jobs at La Romaine.

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