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Three SAA alumni in Sochi

saa.jpgSte-Agathe Academy is a small public school, with only about 140 students in the high school.  Yet, three members of its alumni are at the Sochi games.  Marika Wheeler finds out what the school has to do to make sure they succeed academically as well as in their sport.
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Making Highway 117 safer

The death of Mylène Fortier on the icy roads of Highway 117 in late November has re-ignited calls for major highway improvement, from the Upper Laurentians all the way into Abitibi and Temiscamingue. Claire Paquet, Mylène Fortier's mother, launched a petition that has been gaining lots of attention, spoke to us.

We also hear from Déborah Bélanger, mayor of Rivière Rouge, about how municipalities in the region are pushing for change.
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Remembering Gray Rocks

Family is the one word that comes up again and again when describing what it was like to spend time at the ski resort of Gray Rocks in the Laurentians during its glory days. We speak to two people who made up that close-knit community.

Denise Charette started skiing on the slopes of Gray Rocks in the late 1940s, and raised her family next door. Her husband, Réal Charette, became the first Canadian to be appointed a director of a ski school in Canada, and was
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We also hear from Melissa Bindon. She was part of the last generation that learned to ski there in the 1990s, and worked there shortly before it closed in 2009. Melissa shared her photos from her August visit with us, you can see them on our Facebook page or her Instagram account.
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