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Faubourg St-Jean-Baptiste celebrates locally grown food

According to most producers at the St-Jean-Baptiste farmer's market in Quebec City, more and more consumers want fresh local produce. Those same consumers also love getting to meet and speak with the people who grew their carrots, kale, and coriander. 

Our Julia Page went down to the market on a sunny Sunday afternoon, as farmers were packed up their produce after a long day of picking, driving, marketing and entertaining customers. Listen here.

Wapikoni Mobile celebrates its tenth anniversary

wapikoni.jpgThis week, Wapikoni Mobile is celebrating ten years of existence. It's an organization we've followed over the years as it travelled across the country, spending time and sharing stories and skill in many communities across Quebec. To find out more about what this anniversary milestone represents, Quebec AM's Julia Page spoke with Melissa Mollen DupuisShe's from the Innu community of Ekuanitshit on the Lower North Shore. Julia asked Melissa what the experience allowed her to discover about her own culture.
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Valentine's Day at St. Brigid's in Sillery

lovestories.JPGFrom crossing the Atlantic on a cargo ship to rejoin the love of your life, to marrying someone on a cruise ship... who you happened to meet during that very same cruise. Our Julia Page brings us love stories from residents at the St. Brigid's Home in Sillery. Visit our Facebook page for photos for some of the voices you'll hear: Peter Rohac, Roberta Branion, Curtis Summerville, Janet O'Grady and Monique Labrecque-Grenier.

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These stories were shared with Julia Page as Bonhomme Carnaval stopped by for an evening visit at St. Brigid's. Hear his take on love.

Last but not least, you can listen back to last year's visit, when Julia Caron stopped by.